While you may like to stay away from periods forever (imagine life without cramps and mood swings), when that time of the month rolls around and you don’t see any signs, there is just one thought that crosses your mind – could you be pregnant? Don’t draw a conclusion too soon as your period can go out of whack for a number of other reasons. And while you may take things for granted, it is something to pay attention to. Here’s what may be causing delayed periods.

Drastic Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss can throw your hormone levels out of whack. Leptin is one of those hormones found in the fatty tissue and drastic weight loss can cause this and other hormones to drop, contributing to irregular periods. Talk to your gynaecologist if you notice any drastic weight loss. How to Stop Period Cramps? 5 Mistakes That Are Making Them Worse During Your Menstruation

Excessive Exercise

Rigorous exercising like marathon and triathlon can cause a lot of physical stress which leads to hormonal imbalance messing with your periods. So if you have not got your periods till lately, your workout could be responsible. Period Weight Gain: 4 Reasons Why You Look Fatter During Your Periods.


Significant stress can also lead to a change in your hormonal levels which can sometimes lead to delayed periods. The condition is known as hypothalamic. Hypothalamus is an area in your brain where a lot of period hormones are regulated and are highly affected by stress. So if you have gone through an intense period of stress in your life, you can expect your periods to be delayed.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS can also lead to an imbalance of hormonal imbalance. Multiple cysts, excessive hair growth are hallmark of PCOS apart from hormonal imbalance. When you have PCOS, your periods can come in every three to six months. Best & Worst Foods to Eat During Periods: How to Avoid Mood Swings and Menstrual Cramps

Thyroid Dysfunction

Apart from regulating your metabolism, the thyroid gland take part in regulating many other symptoms of your body. Any type of thyroid imbalance whether it is hypo or hyperthyroidism can have implications on your period. So if you notice any other symptoms like fatigue and weight loss get in touch with your doctor.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids which are non-cancerous growths of the uterus can cause super long periods. This irregularity could make you miss a period or two. If absence of periods is accompanied by other symptoms like pelvic pain, frequent urination or even constipation, bring those up with the doctor.

Certain Medications

If you have been taking certain OTC medications or a prescription drug for a particular health issue, you could potentially experience irregular periods. Certain drugs like aspirin, coumadin, and ibuprofen can all affect your cycle.

So if your period is delayed by ten days, take a pregnancy test and check with your ob-gyn. However, if your period has been irregular for two weeks or more, one of these reasons could be responsible.

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