Tilapia Fish Skin Therapy to The Rescue! Here’s How Wrapping the Fish Skin Can Be an Effective and Less Painful Way to Treat Burns
Tilapia fish help relieve burns (Photo Credit: Youtube/STAT screengrab)

Burns usually have a lasting effect on the skin and the damages done are mostly irreversible. The medical world has been working on various ways to deal with the harm caused by burns. One of the latest, natural ways to curb burn that is becoming popular is a type of fish that can relieve burns. People are wrapping the injuries with the skin of Tilapia which is a freshwater fish to help reduce the effects of burn. The fish is said to have miraculously positive effects wounds caused by burning, and it is a natural way. The freshwater fish is rich in moisture and collagen protein that helps the skin suffering from burns recover better and faster. 'Fire Challenge' on Internet Leaves 12-Year-Old Girl With Severe Burns! Not Just Kiki & Momo Challenge is Dangerous.

How does Tilapia fish help burns?

The skin of Tilapia fish is known to be rich in a type of collagen that is very similar to the protein found in human skin. Tilapia skin fish is known to help humans' immune system to speed up the healing process — over 300 people who suffered from burns known to have tried this unusual therapy. However, the Tilapia skin needs to undergo radiation therapy to be sterilised of any lingering viruses. Tilapia skin has the potential to be stored by refrigeration for about two years. The process of applying Tilapia skin on burns is as simple as a regular bandage.

Take a look at the video that shows the use of Tilapia fish skin over burns?

How useful is Tilapia fish skin for burns?

While there is no scientific evidence that this fish can "cure" burns, this therapy has gained the spotlight in recent times because of the ease and effectiveness. In the past people used pig skin to bandage the burns; however, this fish skin has shown to have better resilience and effectiveness than pigskin. The fish skin dressing need not be changed from time to time is also removed after a week or so.

Many people may not like the wrapping around fish skin around the body; however, the effectiveness of this therapy may want you to give it a shot.