'Fire Challenge' on Internet Leaves 12-Year-Old Girl With Severe Burns! Not Just Kiki & Momo Challenge is Dangerous
Girl is severely burnt in fire challenge (Photo credits: Twitter/londoncleaners2 and Pixabay, sbox)

A 12-year-old girl from Detroit had to be hospitalised due to severe burns all over her body, in her bid to do the 'fire challenge.' Timiyah Landers tried to mimic a YouTuber and it went horribly wrong when she engulfed in flames. Social media has become a bad influence off late than good for the users, who blindly follow the internet challenges. The Kiki Challenge, Momo suicide Challenge have caused severe incidents, even claiming lives. Now, the new 'fire challenge' involves pouring flammable liquids, like alcohol on the body and then setting themselves on fire. Dragon’s Breath Challenge, a More Dangerous Fad Than the Kiki Challenge, Takes Over the Internet. 

The girl's mother Brandi Owens was home when she heard an explosion from the kitchen. Owens fiance directed her to the bathroom and sprayed water on her, and she was quickly rushed to the hospital. The doctors informed that 49% of her body was burnt. Timiyah was with her two friends in the kitchen, eating pancakes. There was a small explosion and she ran out covered in fire from her head to knees. The friends later told Owens they were trying out the fire challenge.

The fire challenge is yet another example of social media influence gone wrong. The girl will now have to stay in the hospital for several months, who was supposed to start her school in about a week's time. She will have to go through more 3 surgeries for her recovery. The internet has seen many dangerous social media challenges, one after another. The latest fad of Mary Poppins challenge is also taking over and causing accidents.

Owens is not at all pleased with the consequences. She told Fox 2, "These kids are trying these YouTube challenges. Monitor these kids, especially with these phones and if I could after with this happening, my kids would never be able to be on social media — no more iPhones, nothing." She expressed anger at the way such videos are also easily accessible and not censored.