Viral Video of a 5-Year-Old Dancing Through His Cancer Treatment on Michael Jackson Numbers Is Winning Hearts on the Internet
5-year-old dancing to Micheal Jackson during cancer treatment. (Photo credits- Screengrab Youtube/

A recent viral video of a 5 -year-old showing some Michael Jackson moves while undergoing cancer treatment is winning hearts on the internet. The child has cancer but is see going through the treatment like a boss! The brave child hasn't let cancer affect his dance performance. We have seen the many people with the strongest of determination fail to cope up the mental trauma caused by cancer treatment or even the thought of it. UK Woman Sings Songs and Cracks Jokes With Doctors During Her Brain Surgery! Watch Video. 

However, this child is setting examples for so many people around by showing how important it is to be happy. According to reports, the child's name is Solomon Haufano, and he is not letting cancer stop him from showing off his dance moves on some Micheal Jackson numbers. As per reports, Haufano was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumour for which he is currently taking chemo treatments at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is a type of cancer that occurs in the abdomen.

Watch the video below-

Haufano's video is going viral over the internet, and people are showering immense love over the video. It was Haufano’s mother, Lena Lutui who posted a video of her son, Haufano dancing to Michael Jackson’s hits “Bad”, ”Billie Jean”, and “Beat it”.

Solomon is receiving love from all around. In one of the posts featuring his dance moves, one wrote, "God Bless you, Solomon, Praying for you, Stay Strong!" Somebody else wrote, " YOU GOT THIS LITTLE MAN!!! Awesome!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON STAGE ONE DAY!!"  We wish him a speedy recovery and lots of love.