What are Dental Dams? Why You Should Use Protection While Performing Oral Sex on Women
Dental Dams and safe oral sex. (Photo Credits: Pixabay/Wikimedia Commons)

We all know that how important it is to use condom or other methods of protection for safe sex. But many of us are unaware of safe oral sex. While you may not get pregnant having oral sex, it still carries risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like herpes, gonorrhoea, HPV and HIV. So, today we inform you about what are Dental Dams and how vital is it for safe oral sex. While oral sex on men can be performed using a condom, dental dams come handy when going oral on women. Read on to know what Dental Dams are, how are they different from condoms and how can one use this contraceptive. Sexual Practices Among Teenagers: Most of Them Prefer Oral and Anal Sex.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes Dental Dam as ‘latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex’. Simone Taylor, education and well-being regional lead for sexual health charity explains Cosmopolitan saying, “The dam acts as a barrier to help prevent STIs that can be transmitted through oral sex and act as a barrier between the vulva and the mouth and the anus and mouth.” Oral Sex Causes Cancer? Here’s What You Need to Know about Safe Blowjobs and Cunnilingus.

How to Use a Dental Dam?

Dental dam is a six-inch sheet held in front of the vagina or the anus during oral sex. How to use a dental dam? You need to make the vulva or anal area wet with either a water-based or silicone-based lube as it makes sure the dam won’t slip off. Place the dam over the vulva or anus and either the two can hold it in place. Make sure you have a good grip on the dam when performing oral sex and do not stretch them out too much. Like condoms, dams can only be used once. Keep in mind to not turn the dam over, the side in contact with the genitals stays on that side.

It is important to note that do not use oil-based lubricants because they can weaken the material and lead to breakage. Dental dams are slightly expensive and may not be available everywhere, but one can make a purchase online. Make sure it is from a trusted source. Add Dental dams to your shopping list because this is the only way you can enjoy safe oral sex.