Are you surprised to find yourself down with migraine every damn weekend? You are not alone and as much as you would like to think that your weekends are exclusively cursed. The migraine pain can start as a dull ache in the mid-morning, the pain can graduate into a full-fledged throbbing migraine by the evening. The pain can single-handedly ruin all your Saturday and Sunday plans. But exactly causes the headache you get every weekend? Here's all you need to know.

Waking up Late

All of us look forward to the weekends to make up for the week's worth of sleep. But oversleeping is one of the biggest causes of weekend migraines. So make sure to wake up at the same time every day, irrespective which day of the week it is. Migraine Three Times More Common in Women Due to Higher Prevalence of Sex Hormones: Study.

Excessive Intake of Caffeine

On regular days, you could be getting your caffeine fix by 7 in the morning, conditioning your body to want it every day at that time. But if you are in bed even at 10 am on a Saturday, it's past your caffeine time. This can send your body to withdrawal mode, triggering a migraine episode.

Lack of Hydration

Not drinking enough water could also be a possible cause of migraine headaches. So drink plenty of fluids. Remember lounging around on the weekend is no excuse to neglect your health. Women And Migraines: Scientists Find The Reason Why Ladies Suffer From Splitting Headaches.

Late Breakfast

Waking up late just in time for the lunch is a recipe for a migraine. Fasting for long can cause hypoglycaemia, a possible trigger for migraine. So be sure to grab your breakfast on time even on the weekend. Physical Exercise Can Trigger Migraine Problem in Women.

Bingeing on Netflix

Resist sitting for long hours in front of the computer on the weekend. The flickering screen and the constant glare can cause migraine episodes. So do not sit glued to your electronic devices.

Also, drink responsibly on a Friday night. Too much alcohol in the system can cause migraine headaches. Stay away from booze if you are prone to headaches on weekends.

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