Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only five percent of people washed their hands correctly after using the bathroom, suggested a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health. Surprising right? You must not only clean your hands after using the washroom, but you should take the same precautions after handling raw food, sneezed into your hands, or touched anything particularly germy. By practising this hygiene habit, you will be able to avoid many diseases and infections. Here is the list.

The Flu

The flu can be deadly, and aside from getting the flu shot, handwashing is critical to prevent flu. Every infectious disease has an incubation period, and some do not show signs and symptoms to a particular condition. Handwashing regularly will make sure you are not unwittingly infecting yourself. How to Make Hand-Washing Fun Ritual For Kids? From Singing Songs to Using Colourful Soaps, Here's a List of Activities Every Parent Must Try at Home!


When your eyes get gooey, and super itchy, you probably have conjunctivitis. People with the infection rub their eyes to alleviate discomfort and then touch their surroundings, where the bacteria can live for hours or even days. Washing your hands thoroughly and avoiding touching your face is key to prevent pink eye infection. Take Precautions if You Are Using Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser While Participating in PM Narendra Modi's Campaign to Light Diyas and Candles on 5th April 9 PM.


Caused by a bacteria and commonly found on the skin and in the noses of healthy people, the bacteria can get deep into your body and infect our blood, joints, and heart. A staph infection may look like a blister or just a skin rash. The bacterium can live on objects such as towels or gym equipment. Washing your hands regularly will lessen the risk of these bacteria being transmitted from person to person.

Strep Throat

While viruses often cause sore throats, Streptococcus can also cause sore throat. It is a highly contagious infection and can cause severe complications. According to the CDC, coughing, and sneezing spreads small respiratory droplets containing the bacteria, so you can quickly get it from an infected person if you do not wash your hands thoroughly.

Common Cold

While not as severe, a cold can still make you feel miserable and ruin your week. Handwashing can lower your risk of catching a cold by a whopping 45 percent. And while hand sanitizers have their place, in most situations, handwashing should be your first line of defence. Coronavirus Precautions: Hand Sanitizer vs Hand Washing, Which Is a Better Option to Protect Against COVID-19?

Let us not forget about parasites that can make you sick. Handwashing can help microscopic parasites from taking up residence in your small intestine, and nausea, diarrhoea, and dehydration.

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