World Health Day 2019: 10 Healthiest Habits to Stay Fit for Life!
Healthiest habits (Photo Credits: Pxhere)

Who doesn't aspire for a healthy body? But we all get busy in the rat race of our lives and ignore our health. The saying 'Health is Wealth', which indeed rings true today. Speaking of which, World Health Day 2019 is fast approaching. WHO observes the day every year on April 7. To stay fit and free from sickness is important to everyone. And sometimes, it's not rocket science. It's just simple everyday habits that can ensure we stay healthy. On the occasion of World Health Day 2019, let's make a pledge to incorporate these best health practices or healthy habits to stay healthy for life.  World Health Day 2018: 6 Secrets to Good Health, According To an Ayurvedic Expert.

1 Sleep Well

First and foremost it is important to give your body an adequate amount of rest when required. Nights are meant for sleeping, not for staying awake till the wee hours. Sleep is the best medicine for your body to recover and reset itself. Sleeping also aids in burning fat, as our body Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) functions when we take a nap.

2 Do Not Overeat

Control your cravings and don't eat in excess. Be determined to stay fit and psychologically prepare yourself to eat healthy foods. Always track your calorie intake, giving your body the required calories will help you to keep your weight stable.

3 Eat More Fibre

Be sure to include fibre in your diet. Eat a lot of fruit and incorporate a good amount of green veggies in your diet.  Some vegetables like carrot and bell peppers have rich carotenoid and anti-oxidant features which not only purify your blood but can also improve your skin and hair. Looking For Healthy Lifestyle? 6 Unhealthy Habits to Change For a Healthy Future!

4 Hydrate

Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated. But make sure you drink clean,  well-filtered water to prevent diarrhoea, dehydration and gastrointestinal problems. A healthy intake of water helps in keeping your body full, which reduces cravings and also helps nutrients reach the farthest cells in your body.

5 Undergo Medical Checkups

It's important to check on your body from time-to-time to see if everything is working well. Ladies, if you are sexually active, do get the HPV test done. Go for routine mammograms to stay one step ahead of cancers. If you are above the age of 40, you should get full body medical checkup every six months. Any disease can thus be detected in a preliminary stage, which can be cured through medication.

6 NEVER Self Medicate

Do not self-medication; always visit a doctor even if you have a fever or cold. Self-medication has led to problems such as antimicrobial resistance. Trust only a certified healthcare professional to medicate you.

7 Say No to Saturated Fats

Avoid saturated fats and opt for healthy fats like monounsaturated and Omega 3 fats. One should try to include almond and seafood like salmon in the diet. Health fat can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

8 Eat More Proteins

Eat a healthy amount of protein-rich plant-based foods like lentils and dairy foods like cottage cheese. Eggs are said to have a high amount of protein in terms of biological value after dairy protein. Avoid eating red meat as it contains a high amount of uric acid and its excessive intake could even damage your kidney and cause colorectal cancer.

9 Don't Ignore Mental Health

Look for signs of stress, anxiety or depression and take help at the earliest. Speak to a loved one and come clean about your mental health. There's no shame in admitting you need help. Ignoring mental health problems can have devastating consequences.

10 Don't Skip Exercise

Last but not least, one should manage to take out time for some physical activity like walking, jogging, cycling, etc. Light exercise not only helps you stay fit but also staves off major noncommunicable illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

How to Stay Healthy (Watch Video):

This World Health day, make a resolution to stay fit, adopt a healthy lifestyle and inspire your friend and family members to take up fitness seriously. Staying healthy, gives a feeling of happiness and keeps you fit from within.