World Heart Day 2019: Signs Your As Heart Isn’t Healthy As You Think It Is
Heart health (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We always tend to overestimate our health, often living recklessly and ignoring all our symptoms. Our greatest health mistake is taking our body lightly. The heart is one of the most hard-working organs in the human body, pumping blood in and out 24/7 without let-up. We are sure to drop dead if our heart gives upon us. When things start going wrong with our cardiac health, our body gives out subtle signs. It’s crucial to acknowledge them and seek medical help at the earliest before your heart stops in its tracks. World Heart Day 2019 is around the corner. Every year, the day is observed on September 29 to focus attention on cardiovascular diseases, which are responsible for 31 percent of all deaths worldwide. Here are some signs that all is not well with your heart. 8 Factors from Loneliness to Child Abuse that Impair Your Cardiac Health.

Frequent Tiredness

We all feel drained from time-to-time. But frequent fatigue can mean something is wrong with the organ that pumps energy-giving oxygen to the body AKA your heart! If you are tired quite often, it means the heart is failing to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the body.

Nausea or Stomach Pain

Nausea or stomach pain don’t always indicate gastric woes. They could also be SOS symptoms from your ticker, especially if there’s a heart attack in the offing. 10 Heart-Healthy Foods That You Must Include in Your Diet.

Swelling of Feet

If you are struggling to fit into your shoes, take a good look at your feet. Don’t take it lightly they are puffy or swollen. It could be a sign that your heart doesn’t pump blood efficiently or the heart valve doesn’t close properly.

Shortness of Breath

Stopping to catch a breath after having walked a few metres isn’t normal. If the heart isn’t pumping blood efficiently, your body isn’t receiving oxygen thoroughly. Ergo, the shortness of breath. Fluid buildup in the left side of the heart can also be a reason why you are huffing and puffing after a minor chore.


Being depressed and stressed frequently can take a toll on your cardiovascular system. Although depression is not a symptom of heart diseases, it can certainly cause heart problems in the long run. Mood disorders have been tied to increased risk of heart problems. 11 Signs You Are Having A Heart Attack.


Migraines can be incapacitating. Frequent bouts can indicate abnormalities of the heart. Forty percent of patients with heart problems tend to have migraines, which is a staggering proportion.

Hearing Heartbeats

Heart valve problem can cause loud heartbeats. People who suffer from this issue can often hear their heart as they try to sleep. A discernibly-pounding heart should be checked out at the earliest.


A head rush can disorient you. It can also indicate a deep-rooted cardiac problem. If your head is spinning for no particular reason, it’s time to get your heart checked.

So listen to your heart and look for these symptoms. If you experience two or more of them, book yourself an appointment with the cardiologist.