World Kidney Day 2019: Theme, Significance, History of the Day Dedicated to the Well-being of the Vital Organ
World Kidney Day (Photo Credits: WrongTees)

World Kidney Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of March. With about 850 million people worldwide estimated to have kidney diseases from various causes, it is now more than ever to help increase the awareness regarding the fatal disease. It is estimated that Chronic kidney disease (CKD) causes at least 2.4 million deaths per year. It is said to be the 6th fastest growing cause of death, which may change to becoming the 5th leading cause of by 2040. The health issue needs urgent addressal, and increased awareness among people. As we all know that the kidney is one of the most essential organs in our body with our survival depending on the well being of organ, however, the awareness regarding kidney diseases is also very low. Therefore World Kidney Day aims at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health. The day also aims at reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health issues worldwide. Around 3,000 Kidney Stones Found In Chinese Woman’s Body After She Complained of Back Pain (View Pic.)

World Kidney Day Theme

The theme for World Kidney Day 2019 is "Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere." The theme aims at developing inclusivity and diminishing disparity in terms of access to kidney health and wellness. While highlighting the growing burden of kidney disease and kidney health inequality worldwide, this theme aims at making society a lot more equal for all people across the world. Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere calls for universal health coverage (UHC) for prevention and early treatment of kidney disease.

Objectives and Significance of World Kidney Day 2019

Apart from raising awareness about how amazing the kidneys are, the day also aims at highlighting the significant risk factors for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), especially diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. The day also encourages people to opt for systematic screening for CDK of especially patients with diabetes and hypertension.


Other objectives include:

  • Encourage and adopt healthy lifestyles. Lifestyle plays an essential role in the prevention of kidney diseases. Such diseases can be delayed and/or kept under control when appropriate prevention measures are in place in terms of a better lifestyle.
  • Make screening for kidney diseases a fundamental healthcare intervention.
  • Ensure basic health services for kidney patients.
  • Breaking down socioeconomic barriers to guarantee equitable kidney care and increase the quality


According to, the kidney day observance began from the year 20116 and here are the themes for each year:

  • 2006 Are your kidneys OK?
  • 2007 CKD: Common, harmful and treatable
  • 2008 Your amazing kidneys!
  • 2009 Protect your kidneys: Keep your pressure down
  • 2010 Protect your kidneys: Control diabetes
  • 2011 Protect your kidneys: Save your heart
  • 2012 Donate – Kidneys for Life – Receive
  • 2013 Kidneys for Life – Stop Kidney Attack!
  • 2014 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and ageing
  • 2015 Kidney Health for All
  • 2016 Kidney Disease & Children – Act Early to Prevent It!
  • 2017 Kidney Disease & Obesity – Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys
  • 2018 Kidneys & Women’s Health. Include, Value, Empower

The ultimate goal of universal health coverage in terms of kidney diseases is to promote population health by ensuring universal, sustainable and equitable access to essential healthcare. Another important thing to note is that stress plays an important role and hence should be avoided in any case.