World Suicide Prevention Day 2019: 6 Warning Signs of Suicide in Teens That Should Never Go Unnoticed
Suicide In Teens (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Teen depression often goes unnoticed. We often tend to tag depressed teens as "moody teenager" but this can be an extremely perilous situation. Our wrong perception often prevents us from being aware of what is going on in a teen's life. And since suicide is the most serious side effect of depression, we should not make the mistake of assuming that the weird signs and behaviour exhibited by the teenager is just a phase in their life. It is thereby important to know the warning signs of teen suicidal thoughts early so that you can help them before it is too late.

1. They Cut Off From Social Interactions

Teens who have thoughts of suicide often cut themselves off from their social circle. So if your little teen sibling or friend is making excuses to avoid friends gathering or family event or suddenly stops connecting with friends, it could be a major give away of depression or thoughts of suicide. From Breakup to Medicines, 7 Causes of Suicide You Didn't Know About

2. They Complain Of Physical Discomfort

Physical symptoms such as stomach ache, migraine, and fatigue are all signs of depression. Being emotionally distressed can cause them to feel physical pain. While the physical symptoms can be addressed immediately, the bigger picture of depression should be taken more seriously.

3. They Neglect Their Personal Hygiene

Teens like to follow the latest trends and are typically over cautious of their personal hygiene. So you have every reason to doubt that something is amiss if they stop dressing up or caring for their personal hygiene. An evident loss of interest in aesthetics should be a cause of concern. 8 Facts About Suicide You Didn't Know

4. They Joke About Death

Do not take it lightly when they talk about dying or death. It could be a serious warning that they are actually contemplating suicide. If they start a conversation related to death out of the blue, question them about their thoughts.

5. They Take Dangerous Risks

Teens who engage in life-threatening activities may be depressed or suicidal. While it is completely possible that they try risky activities because it gives them an adrenaline rush, they may also be pushing limits to hurt themselves and get closer to death. These Facts About Suicide Cases in India Highlight The Importance of Promoting Mental Health Awareness

6. They Are Always Bored

Depressed teens with suicidal thoughts often complain of boredom and demotivation. As time passes, they may lose interests in their most favourite activities. If you notice such an eerie behaviour, talk to them immediately.

Depression among teens is easy to ignore because they take the form of problems with grades, friends, sleep, or simply being cranky and irritable instead of being chronically sad or crying. So learn to read between the lines when they showcase such behaviour and offer help.