Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair: Fun, Trendy and Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Like a Pro
Sport these holiday hairstyles for short hair (Photo Credits: IANS)

New Delhi, December 28 (IANSlife): Long gone are the days when styling short hair were a bane. Be it mid-length hair or lobs, short hairstyles are trending among the Generation-Z rapidly. Samay Dutta, Director - NOIR, the Luxury Blow Bar suggests how to accentuate those short tresses to make a mark. Cardi B Gives Us Major Hairstyle and Hair Colour Goals! (View Hot Pics).


A perfect option for holiday hairstyles for short hair is by accessorizing. We love accessories because they are an easy way to dress up and add a little something different to any hairstyle. Bows, barrettes, headbands, scarves, and broaches are all great choices. Adding accessories can dress up even jeans and a t-shirt. The options are endless really, so have some fun and get creative.

Braid Them Pretty

Who says that short hair can't be braided? On the contrary, most braids for short hair give a very festive and joyful look - the braided sides, continuous headband braid, and braided top styles add more oomph to the look.

Pull Them Up

When it comes to parties, all we want is to dance. Show up with an eye-catching and well-secured hairstyle: French twists, Chignons, and high buns.

Add a Little Twist

Twists are another chic idea, they can be made in just a couple of minutes and you'll love the effortlessly chic result. Twists can be done even on very short hair, and they will add texture and interest to the hairstyle. Add accessories you like and mix twists with braids if you want, and voila!

Messy Off-Centre Buns

This look features two off-center messy buns placed on each side of the head. The hair is textured, tousled and braided loosely before it is placed in buns that are left purposely messy. The final touch is the crazy, chic gold crown that sits off to one side for a regal holiday look.

Go Vintage

Vintage hairstyles are the best for theme parties. These looks fit organically into the style of the 20s. A faux bob hairstyle is a great base for such a look. Note that you need sleek, shiny waves for vintage hairstyles. A beaded headband and a string of pearls are the best accessories to go with a vintage look. Medium-to-long lengths are optimal for faux bobs.