April 22 marks the celebration of Earth Day. Annually marked on this day, it is a day that aims to raise awareness about environmental protection. One of the greatest threats our mother earth faces today is of climate change. And that itself surrounds the theme of this year's Earth Day 2020 celebrations. This year's observance remains significant because it will be the 50th Earth Day. But instead of going out this year, a lot of us will be confined to our homes because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown imposition in several places has shown wonderful results of animal kingdom venturing out. But as staying in today, what can you do to celebrate this Earth Day? There are a few ways in which you can celebrate and honour the planet earth in little ways and teach the importance or pass on awareness, which is a primary aspect of this observance. Earth Day 2020 Poems: 5 Instagram Share-Worthy Poems on Mother Earth To Read and Encompass the Beauty of Nature.

Home Gardening

The best contribution you can give to nature is by giving it something back. So planting more trees is one of the best services you can do, not only towards the planet but also for your own. You can take up home gardening as a skill in this quarantine and start with basic veggies that you use to cook. You do not need high-end material to grow a plant. How to Grow Vegetables at Home in Quarantine? From Mint to Spinach, 5 Veggies And Herbs You Can Grow Easily During Lockdown (Watch Videos).

Take up Upcycled Craft

One of the ways to apply the message of reduce, reuse, recycle in real life is by engaging in doing amazing upcycled craft. And with a lot of free time on your hands these days, it seems the perfect way to indulge in some activity for Earth day. You could make lamps out of reused bottles or make bags out of newspapers, there are so many DIY videos on YouTube which you can try out. Bored at Home? 6 Inexpensive Hobbies You Can Take up During Quarantine (Watch Videos).

Watch Video of DIY Upcycled Craft Ideas:

Watch Documentaries About Earth or Nature

No matter how much you read or see, there is something that you would miss out on about the earth. Doesn't this planet, the only one such thriving with life in the solar system fancy you? There are so many documentaries available online that trace the journey of our planet, its evolution, the beauty of nature etc. Depending on your interest watch any documentary it could be about earth in the solar system or about the marine life on earth.

Plan of a Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a sustainable life has its charm but not all of us would know since we don't practice it too well. On Earth day, sit together with your family members, including kids and discuss how you can go sustainable. Encourage the idea of reducing plastic usage at least at home. Talk to them about plastic affects the planet, suggest ways or teach how you can reduce it. For eg: You could decide on not using body wash gels or shampoos because they come in plastic containers, switch to soaps instead. Or encourage people to take bath in a bucket instead of a shower. You will come up with a lot of ways and start adapting to them.

Take Virtual Field Trips

This is a great way of spending earth day by stepping in the virtual world, without even stepping out of your homes. There are several places which have facilitated virtual tours like national parks, botanical gardens. You could also explore the Great Barrier Reefs, one of nature's marvellous creations. In times of lockdown, a lot of zoos are giving virtual field trips on their social media handles, make the most of it.

These are some of the activities in which you can spend Earth Day 2020 wisely, in some aspects dedicated to mother earth. Exchange greetings or write quotes appreciating the beauty of nature, but also do your bit in a way that matters to our Mother Earth. Wishing all our readers, Happy Earth Day 2020!

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