Are you thinking of getting inked but not sure if it is safe to do, especially during a pandemic? We get your fears. The worry about getting a tattoo is around even usually since it can result in some serious infections and allergies if proper safety measures are not taken. Now it has been almost 6 months or more, since the onset of pandemic and if you are contemplating whether you should just go ahead and get it done, we help you decide. We tell you what safety measures you must be taking at all times, before you go to get yourself inked. Tattoo Removal: Is There a Home Remedy to Remove Tattoos? 7 FAQs About Erasing Your Ink Answered.

The tattoo industries was one among the many that has been severely affected ever since the lockdown. Tattoo parlors are gradually opening but people have their doubts. When you get a tattoo, the needle pierces over your skin time and again. The tattoo ink droplets are inserted on the layer of your skin. Coming in contact with needles and blood is one of the easiest ways of catching an infection. So we give you safety precautions to consider. BB Cream Tattoo Is Here After Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoos Outstay Their Welcome... And We Don't Know How to Feel.

Safety Precautions Before Getting a Tattoo

  • Do a great bit of research on finding a reliable tattoo parlour. Call in and check whether they follow all the necessary protocols. You could visit them personally and check if the tattoo artists always wear gloves.
  • Ensure the sanitation of the place along with the sanitised needles.
  • It would be best to visit a parlour which is not accepting too many customers, especially in the current times.
  • The picture of walk-ins for tattoos now changes. Earlier, mostly abroad, people would have to wait in line for their turn to get inked as people were constantly visiting to get inked. Now with the pandemic situation, appointment is a must.
  • Go with prior appointment and go early in the day, so as you'd be the first customer.
  • Send the design you'd like to make in advance and discuss the details over the phone calls, so you'd not have more verbal exchange or changes once you start tattooing. It also gives a clearer idea to the artist to what exactly you're expecting.
  • Reconfirm if the seats and the tattoo chamber is sanitised. Don't flinch in being cautious.
  • Wear your masks at all times and ensure your tattoo artist is also wearing one throughout.
  • Ensure the needles are new and sterilized in front of you.
  • Go to the tattoo parlour directly from your home without making any pitstops in between.

These are some of the things you should be more careful about in times of the pandemic. At a time when social distancing is a must, you possibly cannot make tattoos without coming in contact with the person, so make it a quick visit or you can still wait until things get a little more normal and better. It also depends on your area of residence and the situation of cases there.

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