A Car Blogger that talks about his passion and love for cars Giving the best of the insights to his audience.

Blogging is one of the best ways of expressing yourself. It gives you the chance to unleash your knowledge and disseminate all about the chosen subject. For car lovers and rental car services entrepreneurs like Kushal S Chandi, it is all about knowledge sharing about a wide array of cars. Kushal is just 20 and is known for his passion for cars. Being born and brought up in New Jersey, cars have remained an integral part of his life. Having his background from his affluent family, he had access to an array of cars including the exotic cars.

Soon he started working with his father taking part in his family business apart from being a student of Seton Hall University. Since he loved cars and his life revolved around cars, he embarked upon an exotic car rental company wherein he deals with 100s of clients all over with him. Since his hobby is also working hard and making money, his idea revolving around exotic cars for rental services quickly came in his mind. He is the CEO of the company and is able to cater the best to his clients, allowing him to gain the best. Despite coming from a very wealthy family, he has value for money that made him tread the life of an entrepreneur.

This way, he was able to address both his needs - making money online and dealing with cars, which seemed to be his passion. He named his company Platinum Concierge Group, which deals with a wide range of rental cars for his clients for their different requirements. While he was in progress in his business, he made sure to plan for his blog as well. With good expertise and knowledge about cars, he has now turned into a car blogger. His venture dealing with the exotic car rental business gives him the opportunity for an entrepreneurial journey.