Despite its geographic separation, in the years leading up to the pandemic the city of Los Angeles has become increasingly connected to the global scene.

Especially in areas such as hospitality, luxury, and fashion where the vast majority of successful brands and establishments (Catch New York, Raspoutine Paris, The Edition Hotel, etc.) have moved into LA.

The same phenomenon is now occurring in the fashion vertical, with Angelenos looking towards Europe not only for their summer travel plans this season but also for its fashion sensibilities. One brand faring very well in LA- for both its trending status in Europe as well as its relevancy for the LA climate is 100% Capri.

The braindchild of brash and charismatic Italian designer Antonino Aiello, 100% Capri is the world's leading luxury linen brand that has in recent years become all the rage within fashionable seaside communities such as St. Barts, Mykonos, Capri, and Sr. Tropez.

Designed to accommodate maritime and littoral climates, the brand is ideally positioned for places such as Orange County, Palos Verdes, and the Malibu Coastline or....perhaps even better yet....a spontaneous trip to Europe.

With the summer season now fully upon us, there would be no better time to look into the hottest line in summer fashion.