Several means can provide you with information regarding business, industry developments, and career opportunities; from your colleagues, family, and friends to publications and casual acquaintances. But this life of ours can get a little overwhelming at times and in times like those, we sure do need the guidance of a mentor who knows all the ins and outs. Sarita Pittman has served the role of that mentor for the past good number of years. Her expertise in mentoring and business leadership has made her a powerful and insightful business and life coach. Academically and professionally, she has a solid background, which allows her to successfully help people picture and achieve success. Certified Trichologist, Board Certified Master Coach, and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner are some of Sarita's prestigious qualifications. She is also about to get her Ph.D. degree in Natural Medicine and Nutritional Sciences. Graduate of the prestigious Cornell University, she is looking forward to putting more accomplishments under her belt in the coming years. She is the proud founder of the Atiras International Coaching Academy.

Being a Growth Catalyst

Through her extensive mentoring experience, she has been able to coach people from different walks of life to achieve their goals. From the people who want to advance in the corporate world to those who aspire to establish a business empire of their own, she has followers from almost every sector. She has scaled more than 300 brands to 7 figures

All About Avoiding Burnouts

Her experience ranges from personal development to executive coaching, as well as soft skill development and curriculum development. Sarita is a former master cosmetologist who now builds beautiful brands. In the past, she has done substantial work in the beauty and healthcare sectors. In a fast-paced work environment, her tenacity and drive enable time-strapped, high-level managers and entrepreneurs to earn millions without getting exhausted. In addition, she is focused on strategic communication and branding methods that increase income and create popular business models.

A Diverse Array of Services

She helps her clients land endorsement deals, potentially building their careers. She provides an array of services to her clients besides digital marketing and brand endorsements, like web-designing, ghostwriting, planning signature events, writing for podcasts, creating high-ranking digital products, managing marketing campaigns, and helping her clients improve their SEO game. Especially her ability to come up with thought-provoking and genuine marketing messages for her clients has earned her a lot of good credit. She is also known in the industry for booking high-level interviews for her clients that can potentially take their businesses years ahead of the competitors.

Communication and Networking

Having established early on the necessity of empowerment and commanding her worth, Sarita excelled in all three sectors; education, empowerment, and resilience. Throughout her career, she has helped people focus on their strengths and always look at the bright side of the picture while being a realist. 

Her Words

In her writings, she draws upon the experience of people who struggled to live fulfilling lives. Her daily work challenges the status quo of success, inspiring her clients to embrace their divine purpose. Her teachings are all about making people believe that they should not compromise on morals and ethics to move ahead in life. As a coach, Sarita mentors and assists executives and leaders at every stage to reach their full potential. Pioneering this new style of life and career coaching, she is committed to helping others grow and reach their full potential.

Being an Entrepreneur

She is also an entrepreneur and business coach who believes that communication and relationships are fundamental to success. As a successful entrepreneur, her beliefs are deeply rooted in respect, openness, and communication. With years of experience and a passion for the industry, Sarita has created and implemented a series of plans and goals that have assisted her in achieving success. Having built up a number of successful client relationships over the years, she is pretty experienced as a life coach.

Being the Support System of Hundreds

Her clients are provided with an exceptional level of support by her and her team as she is dedicated to empowering them to reach their dreams. In addition to teaching her clients how to communicate effectively, Sarita gives them a sense of self-worth and helps them live a happy and successful life.

Been There… Done That 

Consultants like her are successful because they've faced a lot of the same problems as their clients. Sarita broke free of society's boundaries when she was 18 years old as a young entrepreneur with refined business skills. Hence, she is now in a position to provide entrepreneurs with the solutions they need to succeed.

Bringing People Together

The public engagement method that Sarita believes in is the tried-and-tested one. Her unabashed authenticity and pride in failing forward make her unique. Through her ICF accredited programs, she has shaped and educated professional coaches, thought leaders, and business executives around the globe. This has led her to lead these diverse individuals on unparalleled paths of success through her "no fluff" method, which dismantles excuses and uplifts an individual's innate strengths and knowledge. In addition, Sarita is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others in order to improve their quality of life. She is a driven person who loves to start new projects and to bring people together to have fruitful conversations.

What’s Next? 

Sarita has been mentoring and coaching clients from all walks of life since she was in her twenties. The advice Sarita gives to her clients helps them feel fulfilled and accomplished. An accomplished life coach with business and sales experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She challenges the idea of personal compromise for success and believes in involving her faith in her life decisions. She wants to empower people to take charge of their own lives and live by their own principles, not on someone's dictated terms.