Though Miami is known for its pristine beaches, wild nightlife and diverse culture, for rising entrepreneur Jacqueline Pirkle, while these perks are alluring, it was the city’s thriving business opportunities that brought her to South Beach. After recently moving from Florida’s luxury beachfront area of Rosemary Beach in 30A, to the bustling east coast of Florida, Jacqueline has since quickly realized that she was made for a booming city like Miami’s. During her time in 30A, Jacqueline was a leading real estate broker for one of the top brokerages in the area, Beachy Beach Real Estate. And after recently closing a double-sided beachfront cash transaction, she knew she was ready for even greater challenges on the shores of Miami.

But her business-focused mind didn’t start with real estate. Jacqueline was the Founder and CEO of Liquefy, an alcohol delivery company that serviced consumers all over the 30A area, long before platforms like UberEats, Postmates or Drizly were even available. Partnering with luxury concierge services, Jacqueline sent Liquefy into major success, delivering premium alcohol and liquor to countless vacation renters, beach parties, and of course, locals.

And from her time on Rosemary Beach in 30A, Jacqueline quickly developed a passion for real estate. The appeal of beachfront homes, timeless architecture and gorgeous backdrops made the rising real estate agent into one of the most successful at her brokerage. From the beautiful buildings that constantly surrounded her to the history and competitive nature of the market, Jacqueline was instantly drawn to real estate. And after a taste of the luxury real estate market in the 30A area, she knew it was time to take her talents to South Beach. And while still new in the Miami area, Jacqueline already has her sights set on success as she’s in the market for the perfect luxury brokerage that will augment her brand as an agent.

With a diverse background in international studies and her innate ability to develop strong business relationships that ultimately foster a feeling of ease along with professionalism, Jacqueline has proven she has what it takes to get the job done. As she continues to become acclimated to the Miami community, her future is beaming with promise of even greater success. With an already prosperous track record behind her, Jacqueline’s new ventures in Miami are bound for success.