Kicking off summer Moses Mbai CEO of MMXX by MosesTheMogul which means (M)oses(M)bai (X)20X(20)℠,  The CEO is excited to announce, the launch of his new SS21 Collection. The new collection which is available May 14th, 2021 offers a wide range of Swimwear, thongs, briefs, crops tops and their controversial MANKIN’s. In addition to the release of their latest investment, the company offers something different completely to the market where they have become a one stop shop where you can purchase their home grown Kenyan Coffee to the sexiext loungewear you can find.

According to the CEO(Moses), “I always knew I wanted to have my own business and too have two at the moment is mind-blowing. MMXX truly started with me having trouble finding sexy items to wear to be honest. So I knew I wanted to start a business where those type of items were no longer hard to find. I feel male fashion has been limited on what has been released within the last few years. I want to be that outlet for guys to feel sexy, confident and bold when there wearing any piece from MMXX”.

One of the major benefits of having of 100% control of my company is having the creative space I get to travel to when I’m working. I hardly like to do anything traditional so when It comes to packaging, marketing, promoting or getting the message out about MMXX I get to live in my own fantasy and be whoever I desire through my work.

MMXX new collection is hardly anything but traditional. The new pieces are inspired by men who truly want to be free and live out loud. With colors ranging from Neon to Midnight black the goal is for everyone to find something that speaks to them. The highly anticipated swimwear line launching has standout features that you’ll only find with MMXX. We are just getting startedwe hop everyone loves our new collection just as much as we do.- Moses Mbai

MMXX by MosesTheMogul is a black-owned company that originated in September 2020.