Economic downturns are often immediately accompanied by dramatic spikes in substance usage. 

 The inverse correlation between the two is obvious and predictable and COVID-19 has been no exception, with alcohol consumption in the US rising sharply and the spread of CBD and Marijuana supplements also surging. 

 However, most of these "fixes" only beget transient relief, which is then invariably followed by the negative vortex of having to use more of the substance for diminishing returns. 

 Natural supplements for mood support have seen a widespread increase in sales, and some can offer a superior alternative that promotes sustainable mood and wellness improvements. Science does play a role here, and consumers must do their part in understanding which products have clinical backing, and which are simply gimmicks designed to generate a quick buck.

For context, Saffron is one of those rare, versatile ingredients that can be utilized to fulfill a range of mood related needs, if dosed properly. Found only in a few select places in the world, Saffron comes in various shapes and sizes, but a dose of 15 mg twice a day has been shown to be just as effective as 10mg of Prozac in treating mood swings and mild to moderate depression, whilst contributing none of the side effects.

 Saffrony, a natural and properly-dosed saffron supplement validated by clinical science, is an example of one of the products that has seen a dramatic increase in demand during Covid. Pink Lotus Elements, the makers of Saffrony, reported in a recent ABC story that its saffron supplement is now the fast-growing product it sells. Retailing at $19.95 for a 1-month supply, it’s still affordable enough for the average consumer worried about their finances during Covid, while it also excels as a solution that doesn’t require a prescription from the doctor.

 There are other methods to treat mood support, but saffron, if extracted and dosed properly, now appears to be the front runner of natural ingredient solutions. Not surprising maybe, as a quick Google search reveals that saffron has been used in various applications as far back as ancient times.

 Supplementation with products like Saffrony is a good step in the right direction, but during these challenging times, any approach should be accompanied by a balanced life of exercise, social relationships, and proactive planning for income alternatives – of course, all while adhering to proper social distancing guidelines so that one day, we can put this all behind us.