Piu Sarkar is a woman of many movie-concepts. She is an extrovert genius of most social parties questioning the meaning of life. Hence her scripts named 'Wine girl' and 'Mermaid lover' is a reflection of the psychology of modern society.

She is the creative director-actress-scriptwriter of her movies. Her directors in conversation such as Rohit Nayyar, Paritosh Painter, Bugs Bargava, John Mathew Mattan etc. find these scripts very enchanting. Opinion against chauvanism, terrorism, crime, sex abuse, industry politics and animal cruelty in the time of reserved forest are some of the issues.

Piu Sarkar puts forth in her movie-scripts to repute her boots. Music is a matter of great matrix in her movies and hence she is understanding it with D.J. Sheizwood, Mika, Pankaj Udhas, Loy Mendosa etc.

Movie-makers such as Thomas Edison,Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Speilberg had been her inspiration for her movie-making with scientists such as Socrates and Carl Jung.