Post Sex Hygiene Tips: Should You Pee Immediately After Sex? How to Clean Up After Sex To Keep Infections At Bay
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Sex is thrilling, exciting and satisfying. But no one ever talks about how it can also be messy and dirty, literally! Along with the kissing, cuddling and the intense foreplay, comes a lot of sweating and panting. Since there are almost all kinds of bodily fluids like cum, semen, vaginal fluids and sweat involved, sex is usually very messy. To have a satisfying post-sex experience, it’s important to clean up your body and your bed. Here are a few tips to maintain basic hygiene post a satisfying sexual experience. Penile Cancer Facts: What Every Man Should Know About This Life-Threatening Disease.

Pee immediately after sex

Take a few minutes to enjoy the post-sex glow and then head straight to the bathroom to pee. Peeing after sex helps get rid of all the bacteria which could possibly cause an infection. To make it easier, you could always drink a glass full of water sometime before having sex. This could help in going to the bathroom after sex.

Clean your penis with water and some soap

Possibly try cleaning your genitals with warm water and some soap. This will prevent the passage of any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Urinary Tract Diseases (UTIs).

Taking a bath is recommended

It may seem like too much work but it’s always recommended to have a bath after sex. Clean your vagina/ penis thoroughly along with cleaning your entire body. To make it better, you both could step in the shower and have a warm fuzzy bath post-sex.