Sex queries are important. Sometimes many valid questions arise in the mind during once people start their sex life. However, often due to hesitation, people do not ask such questions about sex to their partners or anyone else. However, it is always advised that specific questions that may be related to something that may seem serious must be asked strictly to a professional BUT often due to stigma some of the basic questions remain unanswered. Let's take a look at some of the commonly asked questions about sex, orgasm, pregnancy and relationships! Has Your Boyfriend Lost Interest in Sex? From Trying Different Positions to Role Play, Here's What You Can Do. 

Sex Query: Is "withdrawal method" really effective?

Answer: While some people believe that if a man ejects his penis before ejaculation during sex aka "withdrawal method" then the woman will not become pregnant. But it is not completely safe. If in any way the semen drips into the vaginal opening, the woman can get pregnant. All it is needed are a few drops of semen to pass into the woman's vagina which even before ejaculation is enough to make the woman pregnant.

Sex Query: Does a woman become pregnant by having sex during a period?

Answer: Getting pregnant is not always related to her monthly cycle. If you are having unprotected sex then you are under risk to get pregnant anytime. Always keep in mind that the male sperm lives in the woman's body for a few days after sex, due to which you may even get pregnant during the period.

Sex Query: Can a woman be pregnant by having oral sex?

Answer: No. You can never get pregnant via oral sex. But, if you swallow sperm, you can be under the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex Query: Is bleeding after sex normal?

Answer: Postcoital bleeding can be a sign of some common and most frequently spreading infection or cervical polyp, or bleeding. So consult your doctor if you have signs of infection or consistent bleeding.

Sex Query:  Is it normal to have pain for a long time after sex?

Answer: If you experience persistent pain after sex, you may be at risk of any serious illness such as endometriosis, fibroids or UTI. It is best to consult your doctor to deal with it.

(This article is written for informative purpose only and shouldn’t be substituted for professional advice. Laws related to the subject discussed in the article may vary according to region.)  

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