A user on Reddit raised a legit query about her boyfriend losing interest in sex. There are several such queries that have flooded the internet where several users/ netizens ask solutions to revive their sex life. If a partner loses interest in sex, it may not necessarily mean that they’re having sex with someone else. Most of us are worried because we may feel that there is someone else in their life, which is why they don’t find us attractive anymore.

Although that can be one possibility, there are several other factors that can lead to a person losing interest in sex. To begin with, sex life can become monotonous. It can be a thrilling ride for as long as you may want it to be, but there does come a point where things become stagnant, boring, monotonous. If one of you or rather both of you are going through something similar, it is crucial that you take several measures to revive your sex life.

For this, you gotta reignite the passion by introducing new things in the bedroom. It could be anything – from trying different positions to role play, figure out what works best for you and have sex again.

Physical intimacy is often underrated and not many couples understand how important a role it plays in an adult relationship. Without physical intimacy, sharing an intimacy in a relationship, having that spark as a couple will be completely impossible. No matter how much you may love each other but if you’re not having sex, it is going to hamper the relationship in an unrevivable manner. So, talk to your partner about this, take charge of your sex life and get back in the game again before you lose it!

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