With the endless opportunities the world of crypto currencies has created, businesses and individuals alike were bound to find unique ways to translate this tremendous tool into a means by which to grow their returns. It has opened many doors for individuals and companies to help them create an audience and make the most from their learnings. Businessman and trader, Shahram Jazayeri has already taken it upon himself to create solutions to increase return on cryptocurrencies investments.

According to Shahram Jazayeri, The crowdfunding platform is a way to raise capital by asking for a small amount of money from a large number of people and using it in economic projects. Business of project financing is risky by Using the Internet and mass media provides the financial resources needed for the project by hundreds and millions of people. The crowdfunding websites, selection of companies, persons, media, managers, individuals, advertising strategies, marketing, and sales, etc., are the actors in this way.

The crowdfunding platform in the model considered by Shahram Jazayeri will offer a variety of digital economy products and solve the main problem of cryptocurrencies in its white paper token under the heading of backup.

The platform presents its digital product under the digital economy's title, a combination of digital share and cryptocurrency. The description that honest and operational businesses will have identified and audited will support and improve the platform coins' Quality of guaranteed and insurance work.

In Mr. Jazayeri's platform, for the first time globally, the digital economy (including the real sector project and the "money and capital" for the financial sector) on each coin will be integrated and implemented.

The combination of shares and money is an essential issue in all white paper coins of the crowdfunding platform; According to the type of activity, it should be designed and implemented, and run.

As the few people in the private sector to dominate the insurance industry, He used various credit insurance services Twenty years ago. He knows the hidden and apparent angles of these valuable economics and trade tools, so relying on this unique experience, expertise, and knowledge and combining it with the very advanced industry of blockchain. He was able to create a new solution to the problem of backing up cryptocurrencies. He is confident that this will be a practical step in developing the quantity and Quality of users of cryptocurrency services, currently about one hundred million people. And with Quantum velocity and high speed and a massive flood of billions of people worldwide, they will be attracted to these digital currencies.

These cryptocurrencies will be successful, and the market value will increase by hundreds of times the current value; and in this way, those who were among the first users of the crowdfunding platform and related tokens relying on credit insurance services. They will be the pioneers of the evolution of the digital economy and the initiators of the entry into the quantum age of economics. The crowdfunding platform wants to be the first digital economic complex in the world by

offering credit insurance policies and ensuring public investments and token coins. That will solve the main problem of cryptocurrencies (which are said to be unsupported). For this purpose, from the percentage of funds from the sale of offered tokens, the Company or cryptocurrency credit and guarantee will set up the insurance fund to use reinsurance mechanisms from other international and reputable insurance networks; Minimize the risk of investing in the purchased token and platform.

The Company and guarantees and digital credit insurance; Short investments; Medium and long-term Investors to strengthen and develop the collective financial production platform and related tokens only; Covered Puts and guarantees. Companies or individuals who invest in the platform by purchasing Coin tokens, by obtaining credit and guarantee insurance; insure their investment against all kinds of risks, including non-transfer of the principal and profit of the acquisition or confiscation of property, war, restrictions on the transfer of currency and breach of contract, etc.

This type of insurance will also put the companies' investment and individuals in the Insurance coverage. The company or insurance fund and platform guarantee; Guarantees the principal and minimum annual profit of the token from the date of issue and sale. Holders of tokens can convert their tokens into dollars or other cryptocurrencies at any time, at least based on the base guarantee rate, at any time in the platform's insurance and guarantee fund.

Shahram Jazayeri says time is the most critical factor in the economy and with insurance. Credit letters can quickly solve this problem, and therefore investors can easily and conveniently and speedily. You will get the desired results, and do not worry.

Creative and risky ideas in new business plans will be a small percentage of the target projects. What is creative and innovative in our platform is the use of the advanced blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies. And the combination of money and capital in traditional businesses and assets eliminates the risk and concern of public investment.

The most important reason for the increase and progress of Quality and quantity of work is supported by the mentioned method that it will be the best chance of success. So try your luck.