Squirting and Female Orgasm: Can Women Ejaculate or Just Squirt out Pee? Things Nobody Told You!
Squirting and Female Orgasm: Can females ejaculate like men or just squirt out pee?

Many people love watching squirting XXX porn videos online. What exactly do they show? The woman probably masturbating or having sex and suddenly there is a fountain of something oozing out of her vagina! But is that what it is? Does it happen to real women or is it just one of the enhancements made by porn makers? Well, the truth is, women do have the ability to ejaculate. Except it may not be quite like what you see in porn movies. Female ejaculation is real and it is is basically a liquid that originates from the Skene's glands and consists of prostate fluid. However, it is released through the urethWomen Ejaculatera and not your vaginal cavity. It is said that squirting takes place because of the stimulation of G-spot which is like a pea-sized ball of flesh, located two to three inches into the vagina, closer to the frontal, vaginal wall. Multiple Orgasms in Women: What Happens to Your Vagina and the Rest of Your Body While You Orgasm? Here’s Everything You Want to Know

Do Women Squirt Out Pee?

A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that what comes out when a woman squirt is majorly urine. However, some women confessed that their squirt didn't quite smell or look like urine so it may be that in some women it could be the release fluid from the Skene’s glands which is located on the upper wall of the vagina. However, not every woman may have a Skene's glands and neither does every woman squirt. With very little research to back, it is very difficult to say what exactly squirting is. While women who have experienced squirting have said that it feels like an orgasmic release, so sexperts believe that it may be an involuntary release of the bladder during orgasm. How to Finger Your Girl for an Orgasm She Won't Forget: 'Handy' Fingering Tips for First-Timers. 

Are Orgasm and Squirt Same?

The answer is No. While squirting may be accompanied by orgasm, it may not necessarily be the same thing. However, complicated, squirting is said to be its own thing that happens via the urethra, from where women pee. How to Find the Female G-Spot: Make Women Orgasm During Sex by Stimulating This Pleasure Point (Watch Video).

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