Success has never come in a golden serving plate to anyone, and when we talk about entrepreneurship, the perseverance, relentless efforts and execution have undoubtedly created remarkable businesses even during the economic slump of 2020. If pandemic has proven anything, it's the entrepreneurial spirits and capabilities that has driven countless businesses to surprisingly reach beyond extraordinary. We have simply created a roster of entrepreneurial minds behind the groundbreaking businesses that one can draw inspiration from in 2021

 Elon Musk

Elon Musk stays top in our list who has been revolutionizing transportation with his co-ownership in Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company. He contributes to the product design, engineering, and global manufacturing of the company's electric vehicles, battery products and solar energy products. The billionaire aims to bring a remarkable change in the world and enhance private spacelight that eases human efforts to reach other planets. The charismatic entrepreneur announced the 'Musk Foundation' which is inclined towards space exploration and discovery of renewable and clean energy resources.

Shiloh Jones

Shiloh Jones is a Virginia native and multi-business entrepreneur who inspires many with his rags-to-riches story. Coming from a poverty-stricken background to becoming a successful businessman was not an easy task. Through it all, Shiloh has managed to prevail in several industries. Growing up in a family challenged with mental health issues, he found passion in creating one of his business platforms in the mental health care industry. He carries a philosophy that his purpose is to help create better people, from the clients he serves, to his staff, to his management of leaders. Which is all rooted in helping to shift mindsets on every level. His philanthropic spirit has driven him to start several impacts including feeding over 500 families every week, giving annual college scholarships to underprivileged youth, in addition to donating over 1.5 million dollars right back to the same community he grew up in. Impact over profits!

Carl Runefelt

Carl Runefelt has managed to establish himself as a cryptocurrency expert who admires to work on innovative ideas. The young entrepreneur's presence on his YouTube channel, 'The Moon Carl' has been creating waves with a plethora of information about the power and value of Bitcoin. His expertise and knowledge encourage numerous people to be a part of the Bitcoin revolution. Bitcoin being the hottest asset of the era, Carl aims to inspire ways for people and organisations to seek the maximum profits in the Bitcoin era. His prominent presence on Instagram highlights the aesthetics of his life while his travelling polaroids adds extra charm to his account.

Davison Simango

Davison Simango's extraordinary business skills and philanthropy makes him one of the celebrated innovators of all time. As a CEO and co-founder of Alkebulan Group, he dedicates his efforts to develop Humanitarian Projects, transforming Africa and developing countries with a portfolio spanning in Energy, Healthcare, Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, ICT, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Banking Solutions. Coming from a music background, his colourful and captivating personality adds nuances to his working style. Simango has closely witnessed the conditions of underdeveloped countries and thus aims at reinventing ways to transform the lives of the needful. His passions, philanthropy, tenacity, determination and vision has inspired people in creating lasting change in their lives.”

Lexy Lopes

Lexy Lopes helps many individuals across the world with financial literacy and digital entrepreneurship using an online platform. Lexy and her team have made this skill set simple to understand and learn for any person. This system has been made so simple that the members can simply copy the gurus of the industry whilst they learn for themselves. Lexy has made this as affordable as possible. This programme includes over 2000 hours of live interactive content where you have access to 6,7 and even 8 figure investors whom you can ask questions to. The platform has a learn and profit approach and communities where you can converse about different strategies that are unique. You do not need a huge investment to have access to this information. With this method, Lexy wishes to help as many people as possible around the world to achieve the digital income they aim to have.

All it takes is a unique idea and tenacity for building a successful foundation of a business. These inspirational innovators have managed to motivate countless people and we hope these stories have also inspired you enough to be next on this list. Finally, thanks to SunShy for accumulating the emerging names of the industry.