India Has a Statue Man Who Doesn't Move an Inch, Stands Still For 6 Hours a Day in Chennai
Meet Abdul Aziz, the Statue Man of India (Image credit: Twitter)

Can you stand still for six hours, not moving an inch, not going for nature's call, not eating, not even changing your expression? One man in India can. Abdul Aziz from Chennai, known as the 'statue man' of India, does exactly that every single day. That's what earns him his daily bread. Abdul has been doing this for 33 years now. He stands under the sun for 6 hours each day, doesn't move, doesn't smile, just like a statue.

Aziz stands like a statue at the VGP Golden Beach Resort in Chennai. It was his boss who was impressed by how the guards at Buckingham Palace stood still. He tried to implement the same at VGP Golden Beach Resort and Aziz came out as a winner. The guards at the Buckingham Palace take a break every two hours. However, that's not the case with Aziz. He stands still for six hours at a stretch.

In fact, the resort administration has announced a reward of Rs 10,000 for any visitor who manages to move Aziz. But Aziz doesn't deter. He doesn't smile at jokes, doesn't giggle on being tickled. Not once has any person been able to make Aziz move even a bit. That's the man's resistance.

What's his secret? Aziz says he wakes up early every morning to practise some Yoga and other exercises. He says several celebrities have also tried to break him into a move but have failed to do so.

Next time you're in Chennai, do visit Abdul Aziz, India's very own 'Statue Man' and say hello, even though you may not be greeted back!