In the blink of an eye (if not for many), 2021 is over. While December had a few long weekends and small vacation plans for us, it is time to look at the list of long weekends in New Year 2022. Well, just imagine all the holidays and vacations that we can plan in advance. New Year 2022 started with a bang since January 1 fell on a Saturday. January 2022 gives us three long weekend options to plan our vacations and weekend getaways, and the entire year is sure to have much more in store. As we prepare for New Year 2022, here is the list of Long Weekends in 2022 and the best vacation plans you can make during this time! Dry Days in 2022 in India, Free PDF Download: Check Full List in New Year Calendar With Festival & Event Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in Bars, Pubs and Liquor Shops.

Welcome, January 2022 in Style!

As mentioned before, January 2022 has three long weekend opportunities that are sure to make the beginning of the New Year much more exciting. To begin the year, January 1 falls on a Saturday! Take a planned leave (PL) on December 31, and you are set to welcome the New Year in a fun and festive way!

December 31 - January 2

Take a leave on December 31 and enjoy the long weekend right at the beginning of the year!

January 14 - January 16

January 14 is celebrated as Makar Sankranti in various parts of the country and is a holiday in several states, especially Maharashtra.

January 26 - January 30

If you want to indulge in some fun and festive times, but avoid the year-end rush, then this is the perfect option for you. January 26, Republic Day, is a national holiday and falls on Wednesday this year. Use two of your casual leaves on January 27 & 28 and enjoy 5-days off where you can travel and explore various places!

Ending February in Style!

While the month of February does not have very many long weekend options, however, you can end February in style by taking the day off on Monday, February 28. The reason? Well, read on!

March 2022 Long Weekends Are So Much Fun

March 2022 begins with a long weekend opportunity, as of March 1, Tuesday will be celebrated as Mahashivratri and is a holiday in various parts of the country. With the early signs of spring setting the temperatures right, this month is sure to be fun and exciting for your travel plans.

February 26 - March 1

Take a leave on February 28 and enjoy a much-deserved long weekend after the long and sleeveless month that was February.

March 18 - March 20

Holi 2022 will be celebrated on March 18 this year, on a Friday. This gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate Holi in style. Head over to Vrindavan or other popular locations and make the most of this festive time!

April Provides Perfect Mid-Month Break

April is known to be a month that all our stress shows. The year-ending chaos that spills over to the first week, the beginning of a new financial year and all that it entails, well, it's a good thing that you can get a break from it all this year!

April 14- April 17

April 14 marks the celebration of various events and festivals like Ambedkar Jayanti, Mahavir Jayanti, and Vaisakhi. This is followed by Good Friday observance on April 15. So you can make the most of these back-to-back holidays to have four days off work, to explore your favourite places or just sit back and relax!

Live Your Summer Vacation Dreams in May 2022

May begins with the opportunity for a long weekend and throws in another such option mid-month. Here's how you can make the most of summer this May!

April 30 - May 3

Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramzan eid will be celebrated around May 3 this year. Since this is marked with a holiday, you can simply take the day off on Monday, May 2, to celebrate the festivity from April 30 to May 3!

May 14 - May 16

May 16 marks Buddha Purnima, which will be a holiday or optional leave in various organisations. This is also the perfect time to explore your favourite hill stations and beat the summer heat in style! Rapple in Rishikesh or get lost in the serenity of Mussoorie. Just find the perfect escapade in the middle of the summer!

June Is About Preparing for Vacays Next Month

While the month of June does not have any long weekend opportunities, it does give us ample time to plan for the coming months!

Begin July With Adventures

July 1, Friday, is a restricted holiday for Rath Yatra. It is also a brilliant time to actually witness the marvel of Rath Yatra and explore various other locations like Valley of Flowers National Park. You can enjoy a quick and splendid mini-vacation from July 1 to July 3!

August Is Full Of Short Vacation Opportunities!

August is filled with multiple long weekends that are sure to give you the perfect vacation options.

August 6-August 9

For starters, August 9 will mark the observance of Muharram 2022. This is often marked with a holiday in various parts of the country or is available as an optional holiday, making the weekend starting on August 6 as the perfect early getaway!

August 11 - August 15

This long weekend is probably one of the best that you can make the most of. Starting with Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan on August 11, all you need is to take the day off on August 12 (Friday) to enjoy 5 days off! Plan some quality vacation time with your siblings or simply step out on that much-needed solo trip!

August 19 - August 21

The fact that the week following August 15 is a 3-day working week is sure to be the cherry on top. August 19 will be celebrated as Janmashtami across India and is a holiday in many parts of the country! So you can recover from your 5-day vacation, or just plan a mini-trip to keep the chill vibes going! That's not all! The last day of August, August 31, is also a holiday in selected parts of the country as it is Ganesh Chaturthi!

Begin September With the Vacay You Need

Since August 31, Wednesday is a restricted holiday, you can take the next two days off to celebrate Ganpati with your family in the most fulfilling and fun way possible. Planning a trip to Maharashtra to witness the magic of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations is also a brilliant way of celebrating this time. In addition to this, September 8 (Thursday) marks the Onam celebrations in Kerala. This is also a restricted holiday, which gives people the opportunity of taking Friday off and turning it into a 4-day vacation time. Head over to Kerala to experience the authentic festivities of Onam!

Diwali, Long Weekend Wali

October also comes with two long weekend opportunities that you need to plan for!

October 5 - October 9

October 5, Wednesday, marks Dussehra 2022 in India. A holiday in major parts of the country, Dussehra surely gives you the perfect opportunity to take the next two days off and plan a nice long vacay to make the most of the autumn chills!

October 22 - October 24

Diwali 2022 will be celebrated on October 24, Monday. The weekend prior to this gives people the perfect opportunity to take some time off and visit family or just plan a long-pending vacation with them!

November 2022 Gives Year's Last Long Weekend Option!

November is, unfortunately, the last month in 2022 that gives you the opportunity to enjoy long weekends. November 6, Tuesday is Guru Nanak Jayanti. So you can take a leave on Monday, November 5, to make the most of this long weekend.

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Unfortunately, December 2022 does not give us any long-weekend options or even holidays since Christmas falls on a Sunday. However, December 31 does fall on a Saturday, making our New year 2023 celebrations a lot more comfortable. And you can always take all the saved leaves here to celebrate the holiday season!

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