Thanksgiving 2019 Parades in USA: From NYC to Chicago, Watch Out For Best Thanksgiving Day Parades This Holiday Weekend
Thanksgiving parades (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

The holiday season of Thanksgiving 2019 is soon approaching. And one of the ways of celebrating the festive cheer are the Thanksgiving parades. Thanksgiving 2019 will be marked on November 28 this time. Many cities in the US have colourful Thanksgiving parades which see bands, singers, colourful floats and many other forms of entertainment like music, dance and magic passing through the city streets. It is a huge tradition that has been carried on since years and people travel from far distances to catch a glimpse and experience the vibe of it all. Thanksgiving also kicks on the holiday weekend so there is a festive cheer all over. Ahead of Thanksgiving 2019, we tell you the five most famous parades which take place in the US.

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York

Macy's Thanksgiving parade (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

The Macy's Thanksgiving parade is one of the most iconic Thanksgiving parades held in the United States. Those who cannot be a part of the celebration, ensure they watch the broadcast of it through different mediums or online. It is said to get over 3.5 million viewers. It is a perfect parade to be attended by families as it sees the participation of massive cartoon character floats and decorations.

6ABC Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Parade, Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade is known to be the oldest Thanksgiving Parade in America. It is celebrated since the year 1924 and one of the major attractions in this parade is the figure of Santa Claus that walks at the end of it. It starts near JFK Boulevard and goes on till the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The vantage points to watch this parade is either at the start or the end of it.

America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit

This parade started in the same year as Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York. So it holds the reputations of the being the second-oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the US. Like others, here too there are great sized balloons, clowns and programmes of musical entertainment. Several artists exhibit their creative side by making props for this parade.

McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade, Chicago

McDonald's thanksgiving parade (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

This is another Thanksgiving parade which dates to the 1900s. Originally called the Christmas Caravan in 1930 it has been known to represent different parts of America along with other cultures in the world. Ronald McDonald is himself seen walking the route with dozens of other clowns. The crew includes elephants from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

Annual H-E-B Holiday Parade, Houston

This parade in Houston has been held for 70 years. There are decorated floats and cheerleaders marching along the downtown street. The parade tries to depict the tradition of the Houston community and entertaining parade-goers. It sees more than 2 lakh attendees marching on the morning of Thanksgiving.

All of these parades showcase the festive spirit with colourful decorations, floats and huge balloons. With different types of song and dance along with, the spirit of Thanksgiving and the following holiday cheer can be enjoyed thoroughly here.