Want to Get Better Orgasm? Australian Women are Paying 2000 Dollars and Injecting ‘O-Boost’ to Increase Libido
Australian women boost orgasms by injecting O-boost injections. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Australia surgeons are offering a treatment to women that will give them better orgasms. It is called the ‘O-boost’ injection, costing 2000 dollars, it claims to greatly enhance the female orgasm by increasing lubrication, stimulation of the clitoris and libido and improve female climax. Apart from that, it can also help with stress urinary incontinence or bladder weakness. The procedure works by taking blood from the patient’s arm and then spinning it in a centrifuge to ‘activate’ them and produce ‘high quality’ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), as reported in The SunThis Biohacking Vibrator will Not Only Give You the Ultimate Orgasm but Will Also Track Your Experience!

Dr Naomi McCullen and her team from renowned Sydney-based surgery The Manse Clinic administer the shot. Dr Naomi explained, “One to two treatments are necessary to begin with and can be repeated once yearly after that.” The woman getting the injection is applied a numbing cream to the clitoris area underneath the urethra and the entrance to the anterior vaginal wall. The complicated process is described as minimally painful and an urge to urinate is considered the most common effect. What is Potgasm? Does Weed Help in Boosting Orgasm?

Immediately after the treatment a patient may experience swelling, bruising and spotting from the needle entry points. It’s recommended you wait 24 hours before having sex, post-treatment. The doctor has treated over 2000 women and says the new treatment is a much-needed boost. The main reason for the procedure was to treat women who used to have orgasms and now do not or are experiencing urinal incontinence or lichen sclerosis – a condition which affects the skin of the genitals.