Today in 21st-century youngsters focuses on career, not for society and it is obvious we are living in a competitive world. We can't do everything in life until we are financially strong. 

Himanshu Hirpara of Gujarat, India:

Above things are traditional thoughts we came across Gujarat's youngsters working for people from a very young age named Himanshu Hirpara. By profession, he is a Graphic Designer and website developer. So he covers two parts of life, from advanced tech ahead to a social worker who understands society's responsibilities.

Young Social activists of Gujarat:

Himanshu Hirpara is using his graphic and Web developing skills for the betterment of society. He comes in the list of that youth who don't hesitate in raising their voice against things that are not right in society. 

He is known for managing social media campaigns for top parties in Gujarat. Besides professional work, this young guy is working for an NGO where he uses to guide teenagers about their role in society.

Giving back to society:

In this hard of Pandemic, Himanshu and the NGO team provided good help to people in need, from food, clothes to medicine. He is also serving as the PAAS Convener for Nikol, Ahmedabad, and he is doing justice to this post quite efficiently. 

Graphic Designer and Web Designer of Gujarat:

Being a graphic designer and website developer, he helps brands and Individuals portray a good image on the online platform by creating stunning pics and easy-going sites and apps. It helps them expand their reach and get organic results too. 

Final take:

The youth of every nation has to work for society in this tough time. We need more experts and social activists like Himanshu Hirpara who can come forward and work for society. They should not be affected by politics and the wrong culture; they should bring a positive vibe to it and change the definition of politics in India. After Politics is not about power, it's about giving service to society.