American late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has been named as the 'honourary mayor' of Dildo, a town in Newfoundland, Canada. After a week-long campaign, Jimmy Kimmel Live's host has received the title. Jimmy's made the announcement on his late-night show leaving the audience in splits. Following Jimmy's promotions, Dildo has seen an increase in the number of tourists.

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A woman was fired after she took leave to mourn the death of her pet dog. 18-year-old Emma, who works in a restaurant in Glasglow, United Kingdom lost her part-time job. Following the incident, she has started a petition at to "allow bereavement leave from work following the death of a family pet."

Most of us await the yummy buffet at the wedding functions. While the menu may be somewhat be fixed, a picture of an innovative dish from a buffet scenario is going viral on Twitter. In the picture, the dish is 'Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi.' And yes, we too can't digest it. 

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A mother has revealed something to all parents about sharing food with their children. She happened to lick her daughter's ice-cream but later realised that she had wiped her butt with it! The mother wrote a long post about it on Facebook and it is now going viral.

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A 19-year-old U.S. student, Elizabeth Childs has schooled people online with the best hack to fit at least 50 garments and nine pair of shoes in a small bag. Elizabeth's luggage included everything, starting from t-shirts to jeans to hoodies and shoes. The result is leaving Twitterati mighty impressed. Read the full story here.

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Visitors at the Akron Zoo, Ohio were delighted to see a bear dancing away its butt itch. Its attempt to itch its behind by the glass window, is cracking up the internet. The video capturing the hilarious moment goes viral.

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A racoon attempting to treat itself a free snack ended up getting trapped inside a vending machine at a Florida high school. The Volusia County Sheriff's office shared the adorable pictures on its Facebook account, which is going viral. The little one is released and is off to is next adventure.

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The first Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, is fondly remembered today, on his death anniversary, August 16. It has been one year, that the nation lost a significant figure. With heartwarming messages and tweets surfacing online, citizens pay their tribute on the first death anniversary of Vajpayee. #AtalBihariVajpayee and #AtalJi are the top trending hashtags on the social media site.

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A pair of gay penguins in Germany who tried earnestly to hatch a stone now have the chance to become real parents. Staff at Berlin Zoo recently presented the amorous male couple with an egg, which they swiftly began to incubate. Read the entire story here

A picture of an elephant, tired and collapsed, identified as 70-year-old named Tikiiri is breaking the hearts of the social media users. The image floored online after a local activist from Sri Lanka reported the elephant’s health condition with pictures showing the starving Tikiiri, forced to march for tourist in a Buddhist Festival.

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Yesterday, India celebrated its 73rd Independence Day and social media was abuzz with #IndependenceDay messages, greetings, wishes etc. People were also sharing Independence Day graphics such as videos, pictures and GIFs. Today on Twitter you'll still find people sharing all kinds of patriotic videos and songs. And while people are still on the freedom's day vibe, today on Twitter we have #FridayMotivation trending as well has #FridayFeelings.

It is the last day of the working week so people are sharing jokes and relatable memes related to Friday on all the social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Yesterday the Independence Day also coincided with Raksha Bandhan even today people are seen sharing #Latergram #Throwback pictures on Instagram with their siblings. On a different note, altogether, Sadaiv Atal Ji trends on social media on his first death anniversary today as Union Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP national working president JP Nadda and other leaders of the party pay tribute to former PM #AtalBihariVajpayee along with PM Narendra Modi.

K-pop star #BTS, as usual, is on the top trends as their vacationing continues. They recently said that they were extending their vacation to take a break from their hectic work life and the whole internet came together to support them.

With Raksha Bandhan and Independence day still trending at least in the first half of today, we would be glad to notify you with further updates about everything that trends on social media today via this viral live blog that will include trending stuff from all arenas of social media.