Toilet signs in pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc. usually tend to go creative when it comes to gendering the toilet. To simply write "for men" or "for women" is a thing of the past now. While people still debate about the fact that if there at all is a need to gender the toilets into "he" and "she" when there are more than two ways to go about it. Nevertheless, creative gender signs on the toilet door always go viral on social media. The most recent one that has taken over Twitter is rather offensive and is disgusting netizens. Women Sharing Weirdest Things in Men's Washroom Has Hilarious Results From Kangaroo to Moaning Myrtle on Toilet Seat, View Videos and Pics!

This new sign divides the toilets into "eggs peaches" and "sausage bananas" and they are as ridiculous as they sound. In the age where people are looking for less division and more inclusivity, these signs are beyond gross. Moreover, these signs are also considered crass and disrespectful. "I found it! The worst possible way to gender bathrooms!", wrote Twitter user Aaron H. Aceves along with the pictures of the toilet signs. Two Toilets in One Cubicle With No Divider at Rizal Stadium During SEA Games Leaves Twitterati Laughing (Watch Video). 

Toilet Gender Signs Labelled 'Eggs Peaches' and 'Sausage Bananas'. View Tweet:

In the same Twitter thread, Aaron shared another bathroom sign to "cleanse" that is more inclusive.

Check tweet:

This made more netizens join in the trail and share even worse bathroom signs. Check out:




The pics have infuriated netizens. "I hate everything about that. How bout we just have bathrooms?!?!? When can that happen?", wrote one while another said, "Wait till the cis ppl find out they have gender neutral restrooms... in their own homes!!!" Well, looks like it is time that toilet sign division go obsolete and less creativity goes into glorifying sexism via something as small as restroom signs.

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