An Open Letter From Lord Ganesha! Here Is What the God Must Be Feeling About the Blatant Commercialisation of Ganeshotsav

An Open Letter From Lord Ganesha! Here Is What the God Must Be Feeling About the Blatant Commercialisation of Ganeshotsav
Lord Ganesha (Photo credits: File photo)

Dear Beloved Followers,

I hope my letter finds you in good health and prosperity. I am sure it will because you have been praying to me so consistently, at least for Ganeshotsav. I have finally arrived in your houses and in the pandals across the streets. So I  thought I might as well have a conversation with you all.

It has been a pleasure to visit each one of your houses. But I think I am getting tired off late. I am feeling uneasy. Am I getting old? Oh, but we Gods don't age, right? I wonder what has happened to me then? Maybe I have had too much modaks this time. I love them, just the same! Thank you!

But as much as I enjoy the little company we have had over a few days on Earth, I couldn't help but notice how much faith is being bargained for. And along with the rising faith, the inconvenience is also growing. Shouldn't it be the other way round? I am the remover of obstacles, right? How did paying me a visit itself become fraught with obstacles, thanks to all the barricades and VIP special entries?

Remember my dear, for me, your fame, success, bank balance and status doesn't matter. I will really not be biased in my blessings towards someone who stood in line for hours together as against someone who paid to touch my feet quickly. I also happen to bless those who did not come all the way but prayed in their houses.

Honestly, you know it is tiring to be in so many places at the same time. I mean, while someone conducts special rituals at their home, an ailing patient's family needs me too. Someone plays loud aartis and bhajans, which talk of my praises, but I also need to answer someone who cannot afford the 'luxury' of music. Someone's collecting money for my set-up, but a poor beggar also sits outside my temples. I bless everyone and I do not complain.

Look around you; I am very much there in peepal leaves if you place them in a order. I am also present in the stone that resembles my long nose. I am also in the showpieces that many of you have on the shelf, and also in your devghar (prayer place in a house). During Ganeshotsav, as far as I remember, I was only supposed to bring you all together to fight the common enemy. But why is my festival turning out to be a fight amongst the organisers? Why is a joyous celebration turning into a tough competition?

Most of you bid a "heartfelt"' goodbye, but your dancing on the roads makes me feel otherwise. The loud music is deafening. I have big ears, you all should consider this at least. While most of you have tears only on the last day, for the rest of the days I feel like crying looking at the way I have been commercialised. Could I have been treated better?

Is it just me feeling all this or do some of you also feel the same? Why have grandeur, loudness – of both noise and decor– indiscipline and overall damage to the environment become the order of the day during Ganeshotsav? Is your faith really getting stronger, I wonder. I am sorry but I really do not feel pleased after all.

I do not know how many of you will be interested in reading, as most of you pose with me and click selfies. But do you even light an incense stick around my frame in your households? See, I have known you all for more than these 10 days, for sure. I have seen and heard from you more during your bad days than good. But for all the times I have helped you out, removed your obstacles and made my way to becoming your favourite God, all I ask is a little respect. My blessings will be with you, even more so, if you pray sincerely to me.

Your Favourite,

Ganpati Bappa!

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