Bear Enters Woman’s House Through Open Window in US, Terrifying Video Goes Viral
Bear Enters Woman’s House Through Open Window in US (Photo Credits: Video Screen grab/ @GeorgeFoster72/ Twitter)

Nobody likes to entertain uninvited guests and try every possible way to avoid such instances. However, one woman was brought face to face with possibly the never-imagined guest ever—a massive brown bear. The terrifying moment was captured by the unidentified woman is doing rounds on social media. In the viral video, the bear can be seen to find its way to enter the house, with the open window. The woman is heard to shoo the bear away, while continuing to record the moment. But despite her efforts, the brown bear begins to enter the house, before the woman runs away. According to media reports, the incident occurred during her trip to Lake Tahoe in the United States of America. Bear Relaxing in a Hot Tub Drinking Margarita in California. 

The viral video, indeed prompted many reactions. People began to question the woman’s attempt in recording the video and ignoring, if the window was properly locked. Again, she could be heard calling an unseen friend named, Angela. The regret rolls, as the bear, discovers that Angela and her friend had left the window open, big enough for it to enter. Instagram Bear Stepan Poses With Beautiful Women! Viral Pictures Are Un-Bear-Bly Cute. 

Watch the Viral Video Here:

As the animal, enters the house, the woman recording the video, runs. In the latter part of the video, police officers could be seen outside brandishing his Taser in an attempt to scare the bear. The video gained enough viral reaction after Dallas Cowboys football player George Foster, shared it on his Twitter. He told the footage was recorded by his college friend who went for a holiday trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which straddle California.