Months of lockdown, people everywhere cannot just wait to step out, to feel the fresh air, to take monsoon getaways, to meet with their friends and loved ones, but is it fair at a cost of risking everyone? The cases of Coronavirus in Maharashtra are rising at a steady rate and Mumbai is among the worst-affected cities in the nation. And ever since the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, the cases are only on a rise. At present, there are more than 72,000 COVID-19 patients in the city and still social distancing goes for a toss. A recent example would a video of crowds on Juhu beach, one of the famous spots in the city. The video shows a lot of people gathering together, at the time of the sunset, none of them wearing masks or observing social distancing. Mumbai During Lockdown: From Marine Drive to Shivaji Park, This Drone Shoot Captures The Silent Beauty of Maximum City (Watch Video).

Just yesterday, another video went viral on Twitter which showed Mumbaikars lining up outside the Zara store in Fort, to shop during an ongoing sale. While the people wore masks, they were standing too close to each other in the queue, social distancing gone for a toss. Now another user @amitsurg took to Twitter to share the situation of crowds on Juhu beach three days ago. The video is shocking as there are so many people and hardly anyone is seen wearing masks. Children accompanying the family are also seen running around, playing freely. The video has been shared by many, angered netizens even demanding action to be taken against those gathering at the famous spot.

Check The Viral Video Here:

It is indeed disappointing to see the crowds break the basic protocols, risking not only their own lives but also those around. As the person is heard saying, it looks like Coronavirus is gone. Something similar was seen at the start of the month at Marine Drive when people stepped out right after Unlock 1.0 to jog at the promenade.

Just a month ago, when the lockdown was implemented in stricter ways, the same spot looked so beautiful with not a single person in sight. Netizens had proudly shared pictures and videos of Juhu beach, looking no less than a Goan seaside.

Check Video of Juhu Beach During the Lockdown:

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Looks so beautiful with no crowd and cleanliness, right? Now, we do not mean that people should be staying in forever, but we can definitely restrict the numbers, avoid overcrowding, ensure cleanliness and at the same time, the safety of ourselves and others. We can learn from this lockdown how we can help nature to heal and also facilitate our own well-being from the surroundings. At the moment, it is of prime importance to everyone to just stay indoors and avoid public places unless absolutely necessary.

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