We have seen numerous videos and read stories of pythons strangling their prey and feasting on them. These snakes although not venomous, they constrict their preys and kill them. But in Singapore's park, a visitor saw a large snake becoming prey of two monitor lizards. These large lizards with long necks and powerful claws are commonly seen in Singapore parks. But a visitor captured them having their "big breakfast" of a reticulated python snake. Giant ‘Godzilla’ Monitor Lizard Spotted Hanging On Malaysian Resident’s Fence Is Scaring the Netizens, View Viral Pic.

The python was large enough that the two reptiles could not even completely finish it. Swen Einhaus caught their feast on camera near Kallang River and shared the video in Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook group. You can watch the video here. At first, it appears, it only one lizard until the second one peaks out. It was mostly like a snake carcass that was found by these lizards and it is completely normal for them to eat it.

It is not exactly known if the lizards killed the dangerous snake but the sight of this rare prey and predator has wowed few netizens. This is not the first time monitor lizards have been spotted eating a snake.

Here's Another Video of Monitor Lizard Feasting on a Snake:

While this is rare to catch upon, it reminds us of an opposite situation from the wild when a photographer had chanced upon a python killing a huge crocodile in Queensland. Monitor lizards feast on dead carcasses of some animals and thus they help in keeping the environment clean by facilitating faster decomposition. So these lizards play an important role of scavengers. They do not harm humans until they are provoked.

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