Brave 3-Year-Old Girl Walks on 300-Meter-High Glass Bridge in China, Netizens Impressed! (Watch Video)
Three year old walks on glass bridge in China (Photo Credits: South China Morning Post YouTube)

Video of a three-year-old girl fearlessly walking on a glass bridge in southern China's Zhangjiajie has gone viral on social media. The clip which is being shared widely on social media shows the little girl waiting for a few seconds seemingly hesitant before she takes her first baby step. After which she confidently walks on the transparent glass, not stopping even for a bit in between. Haryana School Girl ‘Reporting’ on Floods and Water Logging Is Winning Hearts on Twitter, Watch Viral Video.

Wearing a monkey backpack and hat with the photo of a panda, she walks back and forth the suspension bridge with no hint of fear. The video was captured by the girl's mother on May 20. She walks on the bridge looking at the world beneath her, something which many adults visiting the place do not manage to do. As the video went viral, people took to social media saying that they wished they had half the confidence of the girl in their life. She even stops in between and waves to the camera smilingly. Video of Kashmiri Girl Reporting on Snowfall in Valley With a Ruler in Hand Goes Viral, Watch Funny Clip!

At 984 feet high and 1,411 feet long, the bridge that connects two cliffs were the highest when it opened in 2016.  The bridge which was formerly known as the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is currently called Yuntiandu Glass Bridge.

Watch The Video Here:

After the bridge opened to visitors three years ago, videos and pictures of terrified visitors hesitant to walk on the bridge were shared widely on social media. The beautiful 430-metre-long bridge is built over a picturesque valley. The highest point on the bridge is 300 metres while the deck is 265 metres high. The bridge is built for lush evergreen mountains and sandstone pillars adding to its beauty.