Brave Six-Year-Old Daughter Saves Mum From Sinister Dad! Tells Teacher About Domestic Abuse
Representational Image (Photo Credits: PTI)

Every case of domestic violence is horrifying. It's not just the victim who is traumatised but others as well, especially the children who witness it. As the human rights activists are leaving no stone unturned to make the laws strict against the perpetrators globally, the victims often chose to remain quiet. Recently, a violent incident has appeared in the news, where a brave six-year-old girl chose to speak out and save her mother from the appalling exploitation at the hands of her father. The daughter stopped her abusive father, by telling her teacher, “My daddy is hurting my mummy.” England Uses 2018 FIFA World Cup to Address Domestic Violence Issue. 

Identified as 36-year-old Jodie Keegans in media outlets, the child's mother was subjected to three years of possessive behaviour and domestic abuse by her controlling husband, Scott Keegans. At her school, the child had been taught to tell her teacher if they were being bullied. After seeing her mom suffer, the six-year-old told the teacher in October 2017, “My daddy’s naughty. Daddy’s hurting mummy by the birdy wallpaper. She says that she loves him but he carries on hurting her.” The staff soon alerted the police, which gradually led to the arrest of Scott Keegans, 34, after a life-threatening attack on his wife. Ahmedabad Domestic Violence Video: Woman Forced into Illicit Relation, Thrashed Brutally By Husband & Mother-in-Law. 

Her husband has been jailed for 18 years at Sheffield crown court, England. The jury found him guilty of six counts of assault, sexual assault and rape. The judge described it as the most “satanic case” he had ever seen in his career, as reported by The Sun. The victim, Jodie survived many injuries. The report further stated that Jodie had a broken shoulder, a ripped ear, nine shattered ribs and six spinal fractures. With Keegans behind the bar now, Jodie has begun to rebuild her life and is now dedicating her time to helping other victims of domestic abuse. About the brave six-year-old, she said, “My daughter is my superhero for being brave enough to tell her school, which is when support services first became involved. She really did save my life.”