Chinese Mother's One-Night Stand Exposed After Twins' DNA Test Reveals Different DADS!
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Twins bring twice the happiness for parents but in a rare case of a double pregnancy, a mum has been exposed of cheating on her husband, after the DNA of her twins did not match. The incidence is from China and came to light when the couple wanted to do a paternity test to register the birth of their twin sons. The couple is from Xiamen and the father has been devastated to learn the truth about his cheating wife. The other son is from her one-night stand. Identical Twins Who Married Identical Brothers Plan to Give Birth to Babies on Same Day!

The paternity test is a part of the city's legal routine to register the birth of children. After the DNA results did not match, the mother accused the father of tampering with the results. But after questioning from the husband, she agreed that she had a one night stand. According to newspaper reports, the father always wondered why one of his sons looked different than the other. The particular kid had different eyes, mouth and nose, far from any resemblance to him. But it did not even occur to him that the kid would be from a different father altogether.

The father was furious to see the reports not matching the DNA. When he questioned his wife, she denied having an affair with anyone and accused him instead. But he interrogated further when she admitted to sleeping with someone else. According to a report in Strait Herald, the father was quoted, "I obviously still want my own child, but I'm unwilling to raise someone else's." The couple later solved the matter themselves. Wife Catches 26-Year-Old Husband in Bed With 72-Year-Old Grandma with Help of a Private Detective Agency in Birmingham.

This rare case of double pregnancy is called heteropaternal superfecundation, where the woman got impregnated by both the men at the same time. It means, the woman must have had sex with two different men within a day or two after ovulation. Both the eggs were fertilised and it seemed a case of twin pregnancy. It is a very uncommon and rare scenario.