Coronavirus Outbreak Forces Chinese Woman to Wear Giraffe Costume While Visiting Hospital (Watch Video)
Woman in Giraffe Costume (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube)

Novel coronavirus outbreak has created fear worldwide. According to the latest reports, China is suffering a severe shortage of face masks used to contain the spread of coronavirus. So much, that a woman was spotted wearing a Giraffe costume to protect herself catching the virus. The woman, identified by the surname He, had to resort to the full-body outfit failing to get hold of any face masks. She was picking up medicines from a hospital, where she was spotted wearing the massive costume. Such is the shortage of masks that had led the woman to take this giant step. The video, initially posted on Chinese social media app, has surfaced online. China Killing Infected Patients to Homeopathic Medicines, COVID-19 Epidemic Becomes Target of Several Hoax News. 

The woman was reportedly visiting a hospital in Luzhou, a city of Sichuan Province in south-western China. She told Pear Video, as noted by Daily Mail that she had brought the outfit along with another alien costume, due to shortage of face masks. She further added her old masks had passed the best before use date and she could not get a new one. Video of Chinese Couple, Infected With COVID-19, Taking Care of Each Other Goes Viral. 

In the viral video, Ms He can be seen fully covered from head to toe, with a tiny window of clear plastic for her to see through. Running across the hospital, speaking with the nurses to guide her with the medicines, the footage shows the woman's struggle to walk in the giant giraffe costume.

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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus formally known as COVID-19, has so far claimed above 1,383 lives and infected more than 64K people in 28 countries and territories across the world. Out of these, 99 percent of infections have been recorded in China.