The world is gripped with the recent outbreak of coronavirus. As per the latest report, the global rate of the viral infection surpassed 98,000 cases and more than 3,280 deaths. The situation is dire, and to cope up with it, people on the internet is making memes. A worldwide outbreak that has killed thousands of people does not seem like a likely source of humour. But it looks like the netizens cannot stop cracking jokes about COVID-19. Ever since its outbreak in Wuhan last year, many viral memes on coronavirus has surfaced on social media, irrespective of how serious the situation is. #CoronavirusChallenge is the latest internet fad. Users on Twitter are seen sharing memes that are highly insensitive and just not funny to surface amid the coronavirus scare. Hand Sanitizer vs Hand Washing, Which Is a Better Option to Protect Against COVID-19?

When China first alerted the world about novel coronavirus, jokes and puns have been spreading, just like the virus itself. It does not seem to matter that the virus is now a far more tangible threat to the meme makers. The attempts of humour sadly have increased, just like the infection rates. Products such as face masks, have notably become memes. China reportedly went out of masks as the outbreak caused a tremendous scare among the citizens. Australians recently became the victim of mockery, after stores in Sydney ran out of toilet papers as people were insanely stockpiling them. Every day, you see ‘Coronavirus Outbreak’ as the top trending hashtag running on Twitter, with all the latest updates by the health officials from around the world. Coronavirus-Themed Porn? XXX Streaming Site Pornhub Introduces Bizarre Videos Amid COVID-19 Scare. 

But it was quite the last straw when ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ was trending with people cracking jokes about the infection. From face masks to hand sanitizers, including COVID-19 infected cases, these memes making a mockery of the situation is certainly not funny. #ToiletPaper Funny Memes and Jokes Take Over Social Media As Netizens Mock Australians for Stockpiling Loo Rolls Over Coronavirus Fear. 

Here Are the Memes!


Don't Know How to React!


Rumour, Rumour, Around the World!?!


But You Gotta Do It Right!

Plenty of people do not appreciate others, making light of a seriously deadly disease. YouTubers and Instagram influencers have reportedly faced flaks for their controversial coronavirus quips. It is understood that people may need something warm to hold on at the moment as they are warned from touching everything else. But making memes and jokes, when there is a global crisis, may not always be encouraged.

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