Daman & Diu: 2-Year-Old Boy Falls Off Building's 3rd Floor, Locals 'Catch' Toddler to Save His Life; Watch Video
Boy rescued by locals in Daman | (Photo Credits: ANI)

Daman, December 3: A shocking video emerged from the union territory of Daman & Dui, where a two-year-old toddler was rescued in a dramatic manner by locals. The incident was reported from the coastal town of Daman, where the infant fall from the third floor of a building on Sunday. As per the video which went viral, he was rescued by locals who caught the boy and prevented him from falling on the ground. Sujith Wilson Declared Dead After Over 80 Hours of Rescue Operation: How Tragedy Unfolded in Tiruchirappalli.

In the clip, locals could be seen having spotted the boy who was about to fall off from the building. They assembled closely and got ready to catch hold of him. One among them successfully caught hold of the child and got dropped to the ground with his force. However, neither the man who caught him nor the child was left injured.

Watch Video of the Miraculous Rescue

The above footage was sourced through CCTV installed in the region where the incident was reported. According to reports, the child was clinging on the window grill of a house located on the third floor. He began crying loudly which alerted the locals. Subsequently, he fall off but was safely caught by the onstanders. The toddler's family is still in shock despite two days passing the incident.