Elon Musk tweets are very popular for being funny and having nerdy yet hilarious references. Just recently, Tesla launched a pair of expensive shorts and to people with normal sight it will seem like a red pair of shirts with the word "S3XY" written on it but it is actually Elon Musk's dig at the short-sellers aka people who borrow and then sell stock, with the intention to repurchase the stock at a lower price, making a profit from reductions in a share's value.  However, Elon Musk tweeted out the picture of the shorts along with a doge meme to wish his followers a merry Christmas and holiday season.

"Merry Christmas & happy holidays!", wrote Elon Musk on Twitter:

“Limited edition short shorts now available,” Musk had tweeted out soon after he launched the shorts online. Soon he also tweeted at the popularity of the shorts “broke the [Tesla] website.” The item of clothing sells for $69.420, a reference to two internet memes. The number ‘69’ is a reference to a sexual position. The number ‘420’ is a reference to marijuana. The shorts feature gold trim and letters which read “S3XY”. This is a reference to the four models of Tesla car, as well as being a play-on-words of “sexy.”

Elon Musk had recently, tweeted a pic of "42" on SpaceX's starship prototype and as one may wonder its connection with "Life, the Universe and Everything", here's what you must know of. A SpaceX prototype ship, Serial Number 8, or SN8 blasted as it returned to the earth, exploding during its test launch on Wednesday. While Elon Musk is extremely positive and explained how it is a WIN for them by saying "Mars Here We Come" despite catastrophic end, he also just tweeted a picture of "42" on the SpaceX's Starship prototype and wrote "Life, the Universe and Everything".

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