As COVID-19 pandemic has confined everyone to their homes, people are resorting to various ways to live with the virus. And in the process, schools have started functioning online as teachers are giving lessons to students through the internet from homes. And a photo of a teacher striving her best to teach her students with the best possible resources available to her, has gone viral. She made a tripod with things available at home, the best form of Indian jugaad. As the photo was widely shared, her dedication and efforts to impart education to students were applauded. The teacher Moumita B, shared the video on her LinkedIn account with the caption, "As I didn't have any tripod so I made an Indian Gugad for taking online classes from my home." Social Distancing Jugaad Bike Goes Viral! Similar Indian Creations of Bicycle and E-rickshaw Maintaining Safe Distance That Caught All Praises Amid Lockdown (Watch Videos)

To support her phone as he writes on the board, she made a stand that does the work of a tripod. A hanger can be seen hung upside down from the roof tied to some strings. She has secured the phone which is recording her to the hanger using strong threads. The phone is kept at the right angle recording the entire board she is writing on. Probably to ensure that the phone does not move or shake, the threads coming from the roof are tied to a chair on three sides kept below the phone. The photo was shared on Twitter with the caption, "I don't know where or who. But this picture made my day. A teacher setting up their online class with available resources. Red heart There is so much passion in this picture makes me overwhelmed." Thailand Residents' Creative Ways of Shopping After Plastic Ban Prove Indians Aren't Only Ones Good With Jugaad (View Viral Pics)

Photo of Teacher Using Things at Home as a Tripod Stand:

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The comments of the tweet are filled with praises to the teacher who used whatever little she had to make the best of it to reach out to her children. A Twitter user wrote, "She took commerce very seriously & doing maximum utilization of resources." At times when some teachers have solely considered teaching as a money-making business, this photo shows what real teachers are.

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