Indians Get the Best Sleep, Says World Economic Forum! Twitterati ‘Credits’ Unemployment for It! Check Funny Memes and Jokes
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A video by the World Economic Forum has surfaced on the internet claiming that Indians get the best sleep in the world. The study compared the nation with 27 other countries in terms of getting a proper nap daily. India leads in the survey with two-thirds of people saying they get enough sleep, followed by Saudi Arabia, Serbia, China and the United States of America. A section of Twitter is happy with the findings, while others quickly credited unemployment. With thousands of views came in many comments, making funny memes and jokes highlighting that people are majorly jobless, leaving them enough time to take their beauty sleep.

The survey of 27 countries asked how well-rested people feel; five countries came out to have the highest share of individuals who claimed they sleep enough. The forum further states 68 percent of Indians said to have a good nap every night (eight hours at least).

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Twitterati is impressed; however, the meme makes could not control their wit. They immediately pointed out unemployment, which is a significant challenge that the country is facing. Some even commented on previous studies that suggest that Indians are sleep deprived due to work structure and also binge-watching online series. And the reactions are hilarious to ignore.

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Well Rested or Good Sleep?

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Last year, a Godrej Interio report stated that more than 93 percent of the Indians are sleep deprived. Earlier to that, Fitbit’s research in 2016 also pointed out the lack of sleep among people in India, only managing for six hours of nap every day. Considering all the reports, Twitterati questioning the recent finding of the World Economic Forum is quite reasonable.