Jimmy Kimmel Declares Best Viral Clips of 2018: Kiki Challenge Gone Wrong Comes First; Watch the 5 Top Funny Videos
Jimmy Kimmel Live (Photo Crredits: Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube)

Like every year Jimmy Kimmel has declared this year's most viral video too. He revealed the 'Viral Clip of the Year 2018' consisting of rather tough competitors. The TV host came up with five videos that went viral this year and decided the most famous of all. While there were many viral clips this year, Jimmy shortlisted them to just five (tough job!) to declare the most viral one. Jimmy Kimmel declared Jaylen Norwood's failed or a rather risky attempt at #InMyFeelings dance as the winner and also handed him over a trophy!

Nominees for the 'Viral Clip of the Year 2018' included video of a bizarre moment during a live TV report outside a major cannabis factory in Kent, England. Journalist Cameron Tucker was reporting live for local station KMTV when a man carrying a plant walked into the shot. On seeing the camera, he ran with the potted plant in his hand much to the amuse to netizens. Viral Video of a 5-Year-Old Dancing Through His Cancer Treatment on Michael Jackson Numbers Is Winning Hearts on the Internet.

Watch the video here:

Woman shaving her legs in a swimming pool:

The second was that of a woman shaving her legs by the swimming pool in Florida (yuck!). The clip that went viral in May earlier this year had garnered a lot of criticisms from social media users.

Kiki challenge gone wrong:

Drake's song #InMyFeelings went immensely viral on social media earlier this year. After one of Drake's fans danced on the song jumping out of his running car, thousands of social media users did the same also known as Kiki challenge. Video of one of the fans,  Jaylen Norwood attempting the challenge while being hit by a moving car had gone viral which Jimmy selected as the third one. Walmart Canada Employee Dramatically Quits His Job by Publicly Announcing It in the Store (Watch Viral Video)

Alfred Delia's video:

Alfred Delia had made the internet fall in love with him after a video of him went viral. A video of the 12-year-old, a Little League World Series slugger talking about how he likes to "hit dingers" had taken the internet by storm earlier this year. And the last one was that of a sleeping man (or high on something) driving his car knocking off stop signals, driving on the wrong side and finally coming to a halt after hitting a street light. Viral Video: Dog Saves a Goal in a Football Match in Argentina, Gets Declared 'Best Goalkeeper' by Enthusiastic Netizens.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel declared the 'Clip of the Year 2018':

Jaylen who looked excited also gave an acceptance speech saying, "I want to thank my beautiful parents for absolutely nothing. You had nothing to do with this video. You were against this video from the start. I told you my stupidity would make me famous and it did." Earlier on Jimmy's show, he said that the video was choreographed.