Viral Video: Dog Saves a Goal in a Football Match in Argentina, Gets Declared 'Best Goalkeeper' by Enthusiastic Netizens
Dog saved a goal during a football match in Argentina (Photo credits: Video grab)

Dogs love playing with a ball. Playing throw and fetch is among the favourite pass time for those who have dogs as pets. But a particular dog has become a star on social media for saving a goal during a football match. A rather surprising incident took place in Argentina when a definite goal by Juventud Unida de Gualeguaychúa against Defensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo was saved, thanks to a dog! Although the save did not favour in winning the match, the dog already won hearts on the internet. The video went viral in no time and people were loving the save calling him the best goalkeeper. Doing Maths to Replacing Ball Boys, These Dogs are the Best Companions One Could Have Asked For. 

It was a game-changing moment at least for the time being when the dog darted across the field and stopped the ball. Brian Leandro Olivera was the goalkeeper of Belgrano but the dog made up for his absence at the moment and put the ball back onto the field. Although Juvented lost the match by 3-0, people had already found a reason to celebrate, the dog's ultimate goal-keeping. Some people even said that the dog deserved an award for this. Dog is a Man’s Best Friend: Video of a Loyal Dog Protecting His Drunk Owner Will Melt Your Hearts. 

Watch Video of The Dog Saving a Goal During a Football Match in Argentina

The video garnered over a lakh of views in about 2-3 days. It was shared and reshared on social media. It is sure funny wondering where did the dog come from but his presence sure helped, be it for a moment. While he appeared out of nowhere, he has now become a star on the internet. Well, dogs love playing with balls and are known to chase after them, but this dog managed to just run across a field and make a wonderful save.