Kansas Councilwoman Bit Officer’s Thumb & Broke His Bones; Lands in Jail
Representational Image (Photo Credits: ANI)

A Kansas councilwoman lands in jail after biting an officer's thumb so hard that she broke his bone. She has earned herself more criminal charges than public votes. The elected official reportedly kicked, hit and scratched deputies and that the altercation went so out of hand, they had to use a stun gun to restrain her. This bizarre event began to unfold on June 29, when authorities tried arresting 48-year-old Carol Fowler, Huron, United States, on a failure to appear an earlier warrant originates from a December 2017 incident.

It began when Atchison County Sheriff went to Fowler's home for failing to appear in court on unrelated charges. She was booked at the Atchison County Jail, but the trouble did end there. Three days later, the councilwoman refused to comply with the procedures and attacked corrections officers during the second argument on July 2. The accused was asked to remove jewellery and other personal items which she refused and allegedly bit down on a deputy's thumb.

Officer Jack Laurie explained the incident to MSC News, "They had five officers in there, and it was a struggle for all of them to get her to comply. She was able to get a hold of one of the corrections officer's thumbs with her teeth and actually broke the bone in his thumb. He is back to work, some ongoing medical treatment with that. He was treated at the hospital and County protocol was followed."

Fowler's next appearance in front of the law is scheduled tomorrow, July 12. It has been further informed that the Atchison County election documents revealed that Fowler was elected to the Huron City Council in November 2017.